Русский | «Iskry» № 34, Sunday, September 1, 1913. Pg. 268-269 (spread)
English translation by Liubov Afonina

Dalian graves

As we know, thanks to recent work of the Japanese, five bodies of officers including the remains of Admiral Molas were recovered from the cabin of the battleship "Petropavlovsk", that lie 20 fathoms deep. The burial of the ashes of the officers was held at Port Arthur on June 24 in the presence of Vice-Admiral Yakovlev, the commander of "Petropavlovsk" during the time of its wreck. The Vice-Admiral was rescued together with other 7 officers and 70 inferiors. At that time more than 700 sailors and 30 officers died. On his way back from Port Arthur, Vice-Admiral Yakovlev came around to many places where our heroes who died during Russian-Japanese war were buried, and after returning back to St. Petersburg made a detailed report.

The burial of the bones
of the officers, recovered
from the cabin of «Petropavlovsk» battleship

Cemetery in Jinzhou

The transfer of the bones
from the old cemetery to
the new one in Mukden.

The monument to the dead
sailors of the «Yenisei» vessel

Cemetery in Daliangwan

The steps leading to Sergey Hill

Sergey Hill Monument
in Dalian

The burial of the bones
of soldiers in Dalian,
where they have been
transferred from Daliangwan

Tieling cemetery

The bones of the officers in the church
of Dalian, where they were transported
from Port Arthur for church burial service
and then returned back to
Port Arthur for their burial

The main view of the cemetery
in Dalian named «Sergey hill».
In the foreground is the cemetery chapel.