Русский | SS Peter and Paul Convent in Khabarovsk | May 26, 2013
English translation by Nina Tkachuk Dimas

Four professors from China visited the Convent


On May 24 and 26, the Convent hosted Russian and Chinese linguists working on compiling an Orthodox Russian-Chinese-English dictionary. The first group to visit our Convent consisted of a Chinese professor who lectures at a Hong Kong university and two Russian professors - from Moscow and Hong Kong. This group was brought by the priest-monk Nikanor; accompanying them was our own Russian Orthodox priest, Father Dionisy who serves in Hong Kong. The second group was headed by Bishop Efrem. Among the convent's guests were three Chinese professors from Beijing and two Chinese-Orthodox students. Almost all of our Chinese guests were fluent in Russian. The nun-guide spoke about the Convent's history, about the details of the monastic life. Bishop Efrem lead a prayer service and Akathist to Christ's Resurrection; for the first time in the Convent's history, the Holy Gospel was read in Chinese, as well as the prayers beginning with the Trisagion to Our Father. After the prayer service and tour the guests were offered a monastic meal with traditional monastic dairy products. All who visited the Convent experienced a great joy of being in it and left with good memories of the Convent.