Русский | Official site of the Vladivostok diocese | March 12, 2007
English translation by Nina Tkachuk Dimas

Korean Orthodox Priests learn to lead Great Lenten services

Vladivostok. On March 9th, Archbishop Sergiy (Chashin) of Usuriisk met with the clerics of the temple of the Holy Life-giving Trinity in Pyongyang (DPRK). Among them were priests Feyodor Kim, Ioann Ra and the choir director Nikolai Kim.

Orthodox North Korean priest have been in Vladivostok from the beginning of the Great Lent for liturgical practicum at St. Nicholas Cathedral. They were ordained in August 2006, during the consecration of the Orthodox temple in Pyongyang .

During the meeting they discussed organizing Paschal divine services and festivities in Pyongyang; plans exist to help the Korean clergy by sending a priest and a choir from the Vladivostok eparchy. At Bishop Sergiy's suggestion, it was decided to begin to prepare a choir from among the parishioners of the temple of the Life-giving Trinity.