Русский | | January 7, 2007 10:55
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In the only Orthodox temple in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) took place Nativity divine service

In recently constructed Orthodox Life-Giving Trinity temple in Pyongyang on occasion the holiday of Christmas of Christ's took place the godly liturgy of Vasiliy [Velikiy], which headed the director of church priest father Fedor. The representatives of Russian and foreign corps diplomatique filled temple. In effect there were no Korean parishioners, that is explained by the adherence of the citizens of DPRK to the faith in the idea of chuche (support to his own forces) and the wisdom of the leader of PDRK Kim Jong Il, his deceased father of the first and President of the people republic Kim Il Sung.

Because of that built in August of last year to temple all living in DPRK foreigners, who confess Orthodoxy, could finish celebrating today Christmas Christ's. In the end of the service, which was accomplished by Korean clergymen in the old slavic language, the director of temple congratulated parishioners with the great holiday. In spite of frosty weather and high wind, the believers were gathered after the end of service at the holiday table under the open sky, [ITAR]- TASS reports.

Church of the Life-Giving Trinity, blessed by Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk and Kaliningrad On August 13, it was elevated on the personal instruction of the leader of DPRK Kim Jong Il. Laying began in 2003 with the active support to the Russian Orthodox Church, the Orthodox committee of DPRK, and also embassy RF in this country. Korean side completely took upon itself financing this project. In the process of building the donations were obtained from different sources. Thus, church utensils is completely brought from Russia.