Русский | | January 8, 2007
Nativity in Mongolia

English Machine Translation

On Holy Trinity parish to a Ulan Bator on the night of 7th January took place celebratory Christmas divine service. After its(his) termination(ending) parishioners of the only thing in Mongolia an orthodox temple have divided(undressed) christmas pleasure behind a celebratory meal. In day of Christmas in a chimney hall of arrival there has passed(there has taken place) the Christmas fur-tree. To it(her) children of Sunday school of arrival have prepared celebratory performance. The kiddies who have come on a fur-tree, Russian, ukraintsy, Byelorussians, Mongols, read verses, sang songs, and, certainly, received christmas gifts. On 8-th of January in honour of a holiday solemn reception in which the ambassador of France Patrick Krisman, the adviser-envoy of embassy of the Russian Federation I.S.Mostyka, the honourable consul of Israel D.Amar, the official representative of Novosibirsk area B.V.Losev, the official representative of Moscow Ortynsky M. have taken part(have participated) the ambassador of Bulgaria Mircho Ivanov, representative FGUP Goszagransobstvennost I.V. took place Tarasenko, diplomatic employees of embassies, directors of the Russian and Mongol-Russian schools, heads and employees of joint ventures. In the beginning of reception before present the chorus Holy Nativity parish and children's Sunday school with performance has acted.