Русский | | December 18-19, 2006
Meeting with the Japanese Orthodox Church

English Machine Translation


The prior Holy Trinity parish to Ulan Bator priest Alexey Trubach has visited(attended) orthodox arrival of a temple Nikolay Up to in Tokyo, Japan. A hospitable meeting to the visitor from Mongolia has rendered ierej Nikolay Dmitriev with mother Svetlana. The mother, yaponka by origin, is regent of a temple where divine service is conducted basically in the Japanese language. Father Nikolay, having lived in Japan 15 years, in perfection has known the Japanese language. Except for it(him) the clergy consisting in basic from the Japanese clerics, since 2005 includes one more Russian priest - ieromonakh Gerasim Shevtsov was naselnik to the Trinity-كرسْ؟رَ«® laurels, called to revive a monastic life of church. With it(him) the meeting for prikhodskim tea drinking also took place. Orthodox Japanese vividly were interested in a life of orthodox arrival to Mongolia, told about how send(have come) to Orthodoxy. All refer(have converged) in opinion, that a core of orthodox missionary work is the divine liturgy. Therefore and for Mongolia translation(transfer) of divine service into modern Mongolian language - a priority. On a holiday of prelate Nikolay Mirlikijskogo priest Alexey Trubach prichastilsya from hands of metropolitan Daniel Tokijskogo and vseya Japan in an altar of a temple where the brief conversation with the head of the Japanese Orthodox Church also took place.