Русский | | December 18, 2006 15:46

Russian General to be reburied in Donskoy Monastery

Moscow, December 18, Interfax - The remains of the body of Vladimir Kappel, a Russian White Army general, will be reburied in Donskoy Monastery in Moscow, Archpriest Dimitry Smirnov, Chairman of the Moscow Patriarchy Synodical Section for Interaction with Armed Forces, told Interfax on Monday.

However, he did not name the exact date of the ceremony. "It's a complicated procedure," said the priest.

He said the remains of Kappel has been sent for reburial to Moscow last Sunday. Earlier, the Russian searchers found the place where the general's remains were interred near the walls of the Iver Church in Harbin (China).

General Kappel died near Irkutsk during the retreat of the White Army eastward. He was buried in the Russian town of Chita. His remains were later removed by his companions to China. However, his tomb was destroyed in the mid-1950s.

For many years, the exact location of the general's tomb near the temple had remained a mystery: the accounts of surviving witnesses gave only an approximate indication of his place of interment.

On October 3, 2005, a solemn ceremony was held at the Donskoy Monastery of reburial of the ashes of General Denikin, the philosopher Ivan Ilyin, and of their wives, which were delivered to Moscow from Paris.