Русский | Vladivostok eparchy | Sept 16, 2005
Cupolas installed atop St George temple
on Russian-Chinese border
English Translation by Nina Tkachuk Dimas

temple of
St George

Pogranichny [Vladivostok, near the Border with China]. Cupolas and crosses have been installed atop the temple of the Holy Great-Martyr George, the Conqueror, which is under construction on the Russian-Chinese border in the Sosnovaya Pad' border crossing area. The press service of the Vladivostok and Primorsk Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church reports that, according to the project, there are 2 cupolas -- they were mounted right on the construction site. One was installed over the main structure, and the other on the belltower, which is to have 5 bells. The largest bell has been installed and installation of the rest will take place later.

This joyful event occasioned a prayer service (moleben), during which the priest in charge of the temple of Dormition of the Theotokos consecrated the cupolas and crosses. According to Aleksandr Anatolievich Kosiachenko, general director of the "Cassandra" Joint-Stock Company which is in charge of construction, the temple's basic structure was already assembled by the end of July. Interior painting and decoration began after August 10, and the iconostas was to be installed.

Archbishop Veniamin (Pushkar) of Vladivostok and Primorsk consecrated the temple's cornerstone on May 30. The temple's construction proceeded throughout the summer rather dynamically and easily because all parts had been prefabricated.

The wooden church, being absolutely brand new, will resemble the ancient temples which were built in Rus' during the XV-XVII centuries. Built on an elevation, it is visible from all directions. When consecrating the cornerstone, Archbishop Veniamin said that "my are building a temple on the border with other people, people of another culture. We want to show them our face. And here it is -- our face." The builders are proud to have been entrusted with such an important matter; they believe that Orthodoxy is the foundation of the Russian state; that more temples should be built, and that a temple on the border is the personification of Russia. Frontier guards are especially anxious for construction to end. Since the Holy Great-Martyr George the Conqueror is the patron of the military, they assert that having such exalted patronage will make their border duties easier.

In August, a delegation with a particle of the relics of the Holy Great-Martyr George, the Conqueror visited the temple under construction. Residents of the Pogranichny (Border) settlement expressed the hope that, with God's help and the protection of St. George, the construction will soon be finished, and that they will have a chance to be present at the first service.