Русский | Vladivostok eparchy | August 9, 2005

Completion of basic structure of St. George temple at the Russian-Chinese border

English Translation by Nina Tkachuk Dimas

On August 9th, a delegation with the relics of the Holy Great-Martyr George, the Conqueror visited the Orthodox temple under construction on the territory of the international trade complex in the Pogranichny (Border) settlement. The head of the settlement administration was present at the meeting. He said, that it is very significant that "the construction of a temple honoring George the Conqueror coincides with the arrival of his holy relics at the Russian-Chinese border", reports the press service of the Vladivostok eparchy.

After the erection of the temple's basic structure, the builders started the bell tower; a plan for the installation of cupolas is being developed. There will be two cupolas, one in the bell tower and one atop the main structure. It is planned that bells will adorn the temple by August 15-20th. And immediately thereafter work will proceed on the interior of the temple, including the iconostas.

Archimandrite Sergiy (Chashin), representing the Vladivostok eparchy at Pogranichny, presented an icon of George the Conqueror to the head of the settlement.