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Chinese Albazinians have visited on the ground of ancestors

Descendants albazinskih have left cossacks from Priamurja for China. Seventeen orthodox pilgrims from Celestial on the Amur ground have lead five days - have got acquainted with Blagoveshchensk, have bowed wonder-working Albazinskoj to an icon, have visited in Albazine - on the ground of the orthodox ancestors. On the last Thursday pilgrims accepted in Ignatyev in a temple in honour of Sacred Alexander Nevskogo.

It was unusual to see under the church arches sedately osenjajushchih itself a sign of the cross of men of absolutely Chinese shape, and also Chinese women in platochkah, tied on Russian manners.

It would seem, what could in them, descendants of Russian cossacks in the fifteenth generation, to remain Russian? But it is surprising, that these people remember the patrimonial surnames - among them there are Dubinins, Romanovs, Harisovy. At a christening their children receive Russian names - the Matron, Vasily, Nina, Ionafan, Maria, Love, Elena.

They do not know Russian. Only one of palomnits by name the World has told: " I can a little in Russian. My grandmother learned me ". Unfortunately, it were its unique words - my questions of the World has not understood. But it is surprising, that during divine services descendants albazintsev, not knowing language, nevertheless correctly understood the priest, were christened during the necessary moments and when reading the Gospel has begun, have unanimously stood, even have concealed breath.

Also hegumen Serafim has correctly noticed: " it was very pleasant to Me to be near to albazintsami. Appearance and conversation at them Chinese, but something Russian in them, undoubtedly, is. Can, soul? "

- father Serafimom sponsored them and prior Ignatevskogo of a temple father Vitaly - pilgrims communicated with priests yours faithfully and visible pleasure.

- We know, that you are the former militarian! - have declared through the translator Albazinians to father Vitaly.

- Whence? - that was surprised.

It has appeared, from Dmitry Napary who now works in the Russian embassy in Pekin, and was the militarian, teacher DVOKU where father Vitaly studied in due time earlier. Dmitry Napara is well familiar with albazintsami, it was one of initiators and inspirers of this trip.

Yesterday pilgrims were accepted by archbishop Blagoveshchensk and Tyndinsky Gabriel.

Is the consecrated ground as Albazinskaja the icon before which your ancestors prayed here stays and before which we pray now, - has told, addressing to visitors, the bishop.

It has handed over to descendants of Russian cossacks the message of the Most holy Patriarch Moscow and vseja Russia Alex II who has supported completely desire albazintsev to visit the grounds of ancestors.

Vasily and the Matron from Dubinin's sort, telling about the impressions, have admitted, that very much worried, going on albazinskuju the ground which their ancestors have left more three hundred years ago.

- Here we have felt, that Orthodoxy in Russia-great belief. We are very glad, that for the first time have arrived to Russia. Here we have once again understood, that it is not necessary to be at war, necessary to live always in the world. If there will be a world, following generations will be happy. In Pekin live about three hundred descendants of Russian cossacks, we shall necessarily tell it about each day lead by us in Russia.

The matron and Vasily are measured to accept monastic postrig. Now solves a question in what of the Russian monasteries it will occur. They will lead any time to monasteries that it is better to get acquainted with a monastic life, its traditions and rules. Then will return to China to create there an orthodox community.

Lord Gabriel has handed over to pilgrims from China on image Albazinskoj of an icon and under the book about the sacred patroness of all Far East. Visitors have wished to receive autographes of archbishop, and the lord with pleasure has written to everyone the wish.

Three centuries ago Russian cossacks were the trailblazers mastering the Far East and defending based on coast of the Cupid Russian cities and fortresses. They have been withdrawn in a captivity to China. Today their descendants who have come back Russia, - too some kind of trailblazers. The first took place their for three hundred with superfluous years a trip to Russia. They have got acquainted with the far native land, and we - with them.

Julia Klimycheva, on June, 25th 2005, 08:49