Available as MS Word 2000 document in Simplified [SC] and Traditional Chinese [TC] and traditional vertical text [V].
  1. 寝前祈祷 Prayers before Sleep [V | TC | SC]
  2. 晨起祈祷 Morning Prayers [V | TC | SC]
  3. 日间祈祷 Prayers during the Day [V | TC | SC]
  4. 圣金口若望事奉圣礼 Divine Liturgy [ TC | SC ]

One advice from A Manual of Eastern Orthodox Prayers that has proven invaluable when using any prayer book is:

If the time at disposal is short, and the need to begin work is pressing, it is preferable to say only a few of the suggested prayers, with attention and zeal, rather than to recite them all in haste and without due concentration.

This new translation first placed online in 2003, which follows the Slavonic usage for the most part, is freely distributable and you are welcomed to adapt it according to your parish or individual daily use. Various prayer books have been consulted in part including the original Greek, the classical Chinese Orthodox prayer book, which in turn was a revision of the 1910 Prayer Book, the Jordanville prayer book (both reprinted by Holy Trinity Monastery), A Prayer Book for Orthodox Christians (pub. by Holy Transfiguration Monastery), A Manual of Eastern Orthodox Prayers and others.

A hard-cover bilingual Russian-Chinese Prayer book based on this translation is also available from the Brotherhood of Sts Peter & Paul in Hong Kong.

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