A Troparion and Kontakion reader for
Windows, with Lives of Saints
and daily Bible readings

MENOLOGION, © 1997-2009 by Thomas G. (Michael) Purcell
is dedicated to St. John the Wonderworker of Shanghai and
San Francisco who loved and venerated all the Saints.

MENOLOGION 3.0 is a free computer program which provides an easy way to access the Troparia and Kontakia, Bible Readings and Lives of Saints of the day. This might be useful for a variety of reasons. If you would like to put the Troparia and Kontakia, Bible Readings or Lives of Saints in a Sunday bulletin, for instance, you will be able to find the items you want easily, and copy them to the Windows clipboard, so that you can paste them directly into your word processor or publishing program.

You can access the Troparia and Kontakia, Bible Readings and Lives of Saints for every day of the year. When MENOLOGION starts, it reads the date set in your computer's clock and displays the selected readings for the current date. You can set the program to display dates according to the Old Calendar or the New Calendar. You can select any date and display the Troparia and Kontakia or Bible Readings for that date. It is also possible to browse through the Troparia and Kontakia, Bible Readings and Lives of Saints either forward or backward day by day. And you can search for and find saints by name.

MENOLOGION can also display an Icon next to the text of Troparia and Kontakia or Bible Readings. There are 53 Icons included in the main program, with another 380 Icons available in an optional Supplemental Icon Library, containing at least one saint for every day of the year. MENOLOGION can be downloaded either with or without the Supplemental Icon Library, and the Supplemental Icon Library itself can be downloaded separately.


Unlike MENOLOGION 2.0, which was not updated since it was released in 2001, MENOLOGION 3.0 is in active development. While it is a well developed, mature and stable program, it is also a work in progress, and there will be periodic updates released fixing reported bugs and adding new features. The latest release of MENOLOGION 3.0 can always be found on this page. Bugs and feature requests should be sent to Michael Purcell. For information on how to correctly report a bug or problem, see the "Reporting Bugs" topic in the MENOLOGION 3.0 help file. You can find the topic under "Other Information" on the Contents tab in the left hand pane of the help system window.


MENOLOGION 3.0 adds the ability to use different translations (versions) of the bible. Bible versions that can be installed in MENOLOGION are plain text files provided by The Unbound Bible. These plain text files can be downloaded from the MENOLOGION home page (see below), but are no longer available for download from The Unbound Bible website. The unicode text bible files that can be downloaded from the Unbound Bible website can not be used. MENOLOGION 3.0 is an English only program, and the bible files avilable for download include nine different English language translations. There are also some ancient translations and some translations in Western European languages. These additional versions seem to work acceptably well in MENOLOGION, providing additional flexibility. However, MENOLOGION is not designed to read unicode text files, and can not display languages that require other language versions of Windows. This means that MENOLOGION can not correctly display Greek, Cyrilic, Asian and other such languages that use different alphabets.

I am interested in receiving as much feedback as possible on the use of these bibles files, the ancient translations and foreign language translations in particular, so that I can provide this information to potential users. If you are using one or more of these bibles, please Contact Me. Also write if you want to experiment with a bible in a language that is not available for download.



These are single self extracting setup files. To install MENOLOGION 3.0, download the desired setup file to any directory on your hard disk, and double click the file to start the setup wizard. The setup wizard will create a folder under Programs on your Start menu containing an icon for starting MENOLOGION, and icons for the help file and the license agreement text file. These setup files can also be placed on a CD Rom and shared with anyone. MENOLOGION can then be installed directly from the CD Rom.
Filename Size Description
Men30r1Full.exe     13.6 MB     MENOLOGION 3.0 Full, Release 1, Build 729. This is the entire program including the Supplemental Icon Library.
Men30r1Basic.exe     4.87 MB     MENOLOGION 3.0 Basic, Release 1, Build 729. This is the program without the Supplemental Icon Library.
Men30Icons.exe     9.04 MB     Supplemental Icon Library, Version 3.0, Release 1, Build 1. This will install the supplemental icons only if MENOLOGION 3.0 Basic is installed.


These are plain text files provided by The Unbound Bible, and are the only bibles in electronic form that are formatted to work with MENOLOGION. They are no longer available for download from The Unbound Bible website. For instructions on installing these bibles into MENOLOGION, see the "Installing Bible Files" topic in the MENOLOGION 3.0 help file. You can find the topic under "How to Use MENOLOGION" on the Contents tab in the left hand pane of the help system window. If you wish to make comments for other users about the usability of these bibles in MENOLOGION, send them to me and I will post them here.

Bibles in English:

Filename Size
American Standard Version     1.30 MB                                                                                                                                       
Bible in Basic English     1.26 MB      
Darby's English Translation     1.35 MB      
Douay Rheims Bible     1.49 MB      
King James Version     1.57 MB      
Webster's Bible     1.29 MB      
World English Bible     1.28 MB      
Weymouth New Testament     387  KB      
Young's Literal Translation     1.34 MB      

Ancient Translations:

Filename Size
Greek OT (Septuagint/LXX)     1.15 MB                                                                                                                                       
Gothic Codex Ambro-
sianus A, and Manuscripts
122  KB      
Gothic Codices Ambro-
sianus B and Carolinus
36.2 KB      
Latin Vulgate     1.46 MB      

Bibles in other Languages:

Filename Size User feedback on usability
French Louis Segond     1.36 MB      
French Darby     1.35 MB      
German Luther     1.35 MB      
Bockman's Greek Bible     2.84 MB     This file contains John Bockman's Greek Bible for Menologion 3.0, and the Koine true type font. Information about how to install and use the files is available at Mr. Bockman's Greek Bible for the Menologion 3.0 website, where you can also directly download the Greek version of the bible and the Koine truetype font. This bible will work on any version of Windows, and does not require a unicode font. It requires that for each day you select the daily text, change the font to Symbol (already installed) or Koine (included with the download), and save it as a personalized file.
Italian     1.53 MB      
Portuguese     1.31 MB      
Romanian     1.34 MB     From Radu Hagiu in Romania: "You provide (here) an edition of the Unbound Bible in Romanian - which is actually a so-called 'Cornilescu Version', a neo-protestant version uttered in 1920, which has many errors in translation, and thus render the text unusuable for Orthodox liturgic use. If you prefer to keep that version on-site, I thought you might at least mention that is not the Orthodox Synodal Edition."
Spanish Reina Valera     1.29 MB      
Spanish Sagradas Escrituras     1.32 MB      


These are user contributed supplemental files for the MENOLOGION program. They are direct replacements for the default Gutenberg bible files OldTstmt.dat, NewTstmt.dat and Apoc.dat that are installed in the program directory. It is the user's responsibility to maintain these files. MENOLOGION will not function correctly if one or more of the files is missing from the program directory.

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