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Alapayevsk martyrs: are killed and forgotten. A part II

… All these circumstances also should be taken into account today that who initiates findings relics Alapaevskih of martyrs, thus daring to accept responsibility for consequences before Church, Russia and – so it turns out – i

The beginning. Alapayevsk martyrs. A part 1.

To the Sacred Earth

Soon after arrival in Beijing of bodies Alapaevskih of martyrs about all circumstances of their transportation have learned the brother and sisters of Great Princess Elisavety Feodorovny.

« When princess Victoria Feodorovna, – hegumen Serafim wrote, – has learned about death of the Most august sister of Great Princess Elizabeth Feodorovny has wished to transport its body together with a coffin poslushnitsy Barbarians to Jerusalem. Victoria Feodorovna asked me to accompany with coffins [1] ».

Princess Victoria informed the brother, Great duke Giessen - Darmshtadtskomu to Ernest-Ludwig on December, 31, 1920: « One good hegumen Serafimo-Alekseevskogo of a monastery of the Perm diocese, father Serafim, accompanies with coffins to Jerusalem. It was entrusted to it to supervise over general Diterihsom their transferring from a cathedral in Alapaevsk where they were until the White army should not be evacuated from this area. And it any more did not leave them since then. They have moved from Alapaevsk in July, 1919 and after many obstacles have reached Beijing in April, 1920. Really, the devoted person… » [2]

In eight months after time rest under the canopy of a temple of the Chinese martyrs, owing to efforts of princess Victoria [3], coffins of Great Princess Elisavety Feodorovny and inokini Barbarians on November, 17/30, 1920 have been sent from Beijing in Tianjin, whence on November, 18 by steamship to Shanghai. After arrival on November, 21 to Shanghai on December, 2/15 them have sent by sea further. All this time at relics hegumen Serafim, novices Maxim Kanunnikov and Serafim Gnevashev, a member of court of inquiry A.P.Kulikov [4] continually stayed.

« Has carried bodies, – the eyewitness uvoza relics Prepodobnomuchenits from Beijing told, – same hegumen Serafim who has brought them to Beijing and which it is permanent at them remained, daily making doleful divine services about umuchennyh. In general fidelity of this inspired and reverential startsa its late spiritual daughter and another tortured in Alapaevsk was touching and instructive. I was in Beijing that day when sent therefrom in Tianjin for loading on a steamship of a body of Great Princess and sister Jakovlevoj. It was impossible to look without tears how hegumen Serafim with remaining in Beijing for the further rest by remains of others tortured said goodbye and as it prayed then at station, during requiem, before the withdrawal of a train, about the coffins put on an open platform that the God has enabled it to execute will of Great Princess and safely to deliver Its body to Jerusalem. Even this stage has made the strongest impression on the Chinese crowd » [5].

13/26 January, 1921 the steamship has arrived to Port Said. « Here there is a Greek church, – princess Victoria informed next day to the brother, — and coffins for the night have been left there. We have gone to church. Draped in black, they have just been established in a small lateral chapel. There were: father Serafim, the monk who has never left them from Alapaevsk; the Greek priest and some Russian people. It was very silent and is lonely and it is quiet in this small chapel. Only on one candle burned at a headboard of each coffin. It seemed such strange to go at a moonlight in this remote city, through empty streets; to go and meet everything, that remained from our dear Ella […] External coffins are made of a tree — the Chinese tic, with a copper fringing, and the big copper Orthodox cross on them, and above — in Ella's head ukreplena in idle time tikovoj to a framework its good photo in an attire of the sister, and a copper crown above it. A coffin Cook — without a portrait, but same, only it is less. If you remember, she was small. […] This morning coffins will be sent again by a freight train in the special car which will be forwarded by the ferry through the channel. […] The monk and its two novices go in the car. After the arrival of us will meet catafalques and clergy, and after short service we should go through city to Russian church over. Maria Magdaliny who is located near Gefsimanskogo a garden, about 4 kilometers from station. The patriarch and church authorities have offered, that coffins have been put in church for some days, and that I should solve on a place — where them then to establish better. There will be a big divine service when them will transfer from a temple there. I hope, that I shall find there a crypt under church where they can remain until they can be carried to Moscow » [6].

In Port Saide, hegumen Serafim wrote, « we were met by Their Highneses Princess Victoria Feodorovna with the spouse Prince Ludwig Aleksandrovichem and the daughter Princess Louise. From here in one train arrived to Jerusalem on January, 15/28, 1921.

At station the Greek, Russian and Arabian clergy has met coffins, has served requiem, coffins have put on the automobiles decorated with colors, and have moved in the direction of Gefsimanii. Their Highneses and clergy on automobiles went behind coffins. On mountain, at descent from Jerusalem in Gefsimaniju, religious procession have met nuns with Eleona and Gornej. Here was otsluzhena lithium and coffins slow rate moved on automobiles, and the clergy in oblachenijah has gone behind religious procession. Then on hands coffins have brought to church. A coffin of Great Princess bore Prince and local authorities. The meeting was rather touching: at nuns and Russian palomnits were shed tears from eyes. When coffins have brought in church over. Maria Magdaliny there was otsluzhena a requiem and the word » [7] is told.

By grave it has been elected kripta Sacred Maria Magdaliny's Russian church in Gefsimanii, since then named Russian "Imperial". This temple was will erect Emperor Alexander III in memory of Its mother of Empress Maria Aleksandrovny. On its consecration in 1888 here came Grand duke Sergy Aleksandrovich with suprugoj Great Princess Elisavetoj Feodorovnoj. Now, in 33 years (Jesus Christ's age when it was devoted to the crucifixion), she has found here rest, having arrived in the Sacred Earth – by words Prepodobnomuchenitsy, « our spiritual native land ».

Next day, on January, 16/29, in a temple over. Maria Magdaliny there was otsluzhena a Divine liturgy and requiem. « On Sunday on January, 17/30, – wrote about. Serafim, – the Patriarch Jerusalem Damianom soborne had been accomplished the Liturgy behind which on a great output the Patriarch has read an allowing pray pochivshim, and after the Liturgy – requiem. After requiem coffins have been transferred in a crypt where the Patriarch was otsluzhena lithium » [8].

In legs of a coffin of Great Princess have put a casket everywhere accompanied Prepodobnomuchenitsu. In it there was a finger of Grand duke Sergija Aleksandrovicha torn off by explosion and a lock of hair of the Regal Martyr of Cesarevitch Alex Nikolaevicha.

Describing kriptu where have found rest Prepodobnomuchenitsy, princess Victoria informed the brother: «… The Premise under a temple […] All white, dry and quite well aired. I have ordered a strong door in a room. She is covered with a dark matter, and some icons hang on it outside, and an icon lamp before them. Father Serafim lives in the room beside and has a key, and thus, it can enter and hold there all there in the order. It very much is pleasant to me. It such devoted, both true and vigorous » [9].

Without small in thirteen years it was necessary to step again into the Sacred Earth to hegumen Serafimu. Found out in it of the old interlocutor, Patriarch Damian has taken it under protection of the Jerusalem Church, has blessed about. Serafima to construct in territory of its residence near to a chapel on a place where archangel Gabriel has predicted Bozhiej Mothers fast Her uspenie, small kelliju. In it it also has lived all stayed life.

« In the same place at church, – the Russian pilgrim told visited in Gefsimanii in the beginning of 1920th, – there lives now and starets hegumen Serafim still making daily divine services about rest of its spiritual daughter and together with it tortured. The church is supported with support of Princess Battenbergskoj and invariable visited by orthodox pilgrims » [10].

Here again, on a place of the new rest, Prepodobnomuchenitsa, it happened, reminded of itself. Bishop Nestor Kamchatka, spodobivshijsja to see Great Princess in the Chita monastery within civil war, in the letter to metropolitan Antoniju (Hrapovitskomu) in January, 1934 on a way from the Sacred Earth to the Far East wrote: « For the second day of a holiday [Christmases Hristova] I sosluzhil in Russian Church to lord Anastas [Gribanovskomu], and for the third day served in church over. Maria Magdaliny in Gefsimanii. Here, when before the beginning of the Liturgy, during the third hour I stood on faculty, I have received to see the marvellous vision which has filled my soul by fear, trembling and affection. I have seen martyress Elizabeth Feodorovnu, spiritualized-transparent, in an attire of a monastery of the Mercy, past on solee and praying before local icons. Then she has approached to the left column in a temple, has prayed before Michael Arhangela's icon and has disappeared. Vision was extremely clear up to a full reality. After the Liturgy I have told about it to lord Anastas » [11].

… In 1981 Russian Orthodox Church Abroad has glorified Novomuchenikov Russian and among them Great Princess Elisavetu Feodorovnu and inokinju to the Barbarian. The celebration of glorification occured on October, 31 and on November, 1, 1981 in the Synod cathedral of Sign Bozhiej of Mother in New York. Then for a celebration of transferring of relics novomuchenits to Jerusalem there arrived bishops and clergymen of foreign Church. Next day bishops have gone to welcome Blazhennejshego the Patriarch Jerusalem Diodora which has told:

« “ Your arrival here piously, as piously and business of canonization over. Novomuchenikov for both that and another concerns people, preterpevshih tortures for Orthodoxy ” […] Further it has noted enormous value of a martyr feat today and has declared, that “ canonization of martyrs always was a duty of Church, and, therefore, to a policy here places should not be, for she will seldom be coordinated to a word of true ” .

“ Church, – the Patriarch has told, – has the policy based on rules over. Fathers. St.. Apostle Paul learns us and speaks, that we obeyed authorities prederzhashchim, but this should be followed until while they do not concern true of our belief ” . […]

“ And we, – has told Blazhennejshy, – we can not remain indifferent before such great event, as canonization novomuchenikov and its celebration — a taking place within the limits of our jurisdiction. Therefore we have decided to participate in this sacred business, having sent our delegation and testifying it our orthodox unity and this official certificate confirming it kanonichnost ” .

Has finished Blazhennejshy Diodor the salutatory word a wish, “ that blood of martyrs which was prolit, would be the kind water plentifully irrigating a tree of Orthodoxy; that prays of all svv. Novomuchenikov we became stronger in a unification and true ” » [12].

In a holiday of Sacred Wives Mironosits, on May, 1, 1982, power Prepodobnomuchenits have transferred to St.. Maria Magdaliny's temple.

Eleven years later, in 1992 Arhierejsky the Cathedral of Russian Orthodox Church (on March, 31 - on April, 4) has glorified Great Princess Elisavetu Feodorovnu and inokinju to the Barbarian in a face sacred prepodobnomuchenits.

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« The rest in Beijing 6 coffins, at the certificate, – informed in the report about. Serafim, – I have handed over to the chief of mission to bishop Innokentiju under its direct supervision and have handed over to it keys from a crypt. Besides this personally asked the Chinese president to have care about them which has given the consent » [1].

Here is how the correspondent harbinskoj newspapers "Dawn" described a grave of the Most august martyrs during that time: « Beyond Beijing, in verst from a city wall, there is the orthodox cemetery enclosed with a high wall. In sredine cemeteries small church. Inside of church, in sredine her, the open hatch. Above it the big unextinguishable icon lamp. The ladder downwards conducts. Further a trellised door, for which round crypt vysotoju in growth of the person. Bodies of Grand dukes there are based. […]

In a crypt in two circles six coffins cost. Two places are empty. Some time ago here there were coffins Conducted. Kn. Elizabeths Feodorovny and its lady's maids [kelejnitsy]. Now their bodies uvezeny to Palestine.

In one of walls – a niche, in it an icon with a unextinguishable silver icon lamp – gift harbinskogo a mug of gunners. On the right – the big silver wreath from Russian group of armies shandunskoj armies. On a cover of a coffin of John Konstantinovicha other wreath with national tapes lays. It is gift of Russian armies chzhantszuchanovskoj armies.

Old coffins of Grand dukes – simple iron boxes. Iron in many places has rusted. Portraits on coffins Conducted. Kn. Sergey Mihajlovicha and John Konstantinovicha have half decayed. On all coffins simple copper plates with names deceased. On a coffin kn. Palej stershajasja an inscription. Words “ … from mum ” are visible only.

In a crypt it is stuffy and it is felt has strongly begun to smell decays. In the iron threefold coffins closed tightly, decay of bodies is made slowly. […]

All care of them was conducted by Extremely Beijing Spiritual Mission and its metropolitan. At church, for supervision over a cemetery and tombs of Grand dukes, metropolitan two are employed Russian guarding » [2].

After rest Alapaevskih of martyrs in a crypt at kladbishchenskom temple Prep. Serafima and and inokini Barbarians to the Sacred Earth about them almost all have forgotten transportations of relics of Great Princess Elisavety Feodorovny.

« From Russian people, – with bitterness metropolitan Beijing Innokenty wrote, – nobody has visited graves of Regal martyrs and has not recollected them. Only once SHandunskaja group of armies has sent deputation which has assigned on behalf of group to coffins of martyrs a silver wreath and has arranged solemn pominalnoe divine service. Such attention has touched iskrenno Russian people. But it was only once. Since then nobody recollected Regal martyrs » [3].

In addition to the resulted certificate on visiting grave Alapaevskih of martyrs by Russian deputation – from Russian group of armies shandunskogo general Chzhan-Zunchana [4] – we shall result the fact of visiting of a crypt in the winter of 1927-1928 the tutor of Imperial Children C.S.Gibbsom. « All coffins, – it wrote to the familiar Serbian diplomat in London, – have been placed in kripte kladbishchenskoj churches which was behind walls of Northern city (Manchu) nearby to them and in fifteen minutes of driving of a rickshaw from the Most Russian mission … As I understand, bodies have been made in nine lartsov before premises in coffins. Coffins of that kind that is usually accepted at Russian funeral, and are easily identified under the small brass tablets carefully attached to everyone. Names of Members of the Imperial Surname laying there: . And. Century Grand duke Sergey Mihajlovich, E. Century Prince John Konstantinovich, E. Century Prince Igor Konstantinovich. E. Century Prince Palej. Alongside with these there there were also other coffins – persons, former together with them. Unfortunately, I have lost notes of that time and is compelled to be trusted the memory keeping only basic » [5].

Further Gibbs wrote, that aged lord Innokenty, at all desire, does not possess necessary means, for example, for repair of a roof. Is not present in a temple and the constant priest. The Serbian diplomat promised to make everything, that was in its forces to promote the decision of existing problems. Meanwhile external coffins from sheet roofing iron began to be crumbled …

« For all time of presence Alapaevskih of martyrs for a cemetery of Mission, – metropolitan Innokenty, – any donations on the maintenance testified by way of a crypt in which remains of martyrs are based, coffins and watchmen on a cemetery did not act. Meanwhile coffins in spite of the fact that they have been enclosed by Mission in the zinced boxes, began to rot through. The church in which crypt there are coffins, has come to decay. Not having the means, Mission has been deprived opportunities to replace old coffins new and to repair church.

In the current [1930] year the church has come to an impossible condition: plaster has fallen off, the roof began to proceed strongly, the wooden floor was rotted through also by a donkey. Coffins Alapaevskih of martyrs too demanded their immediate replacement new. To postpone further repair it was impossible.

Counting on responsiveness of pious Russian people, summer of it [1930] years I have let out the appeal, inviting all to bring in the mite on repair of church and manufacturing of new coffins. To my affliction, the few have responded very much and very much. Donations in most cases acted only from people needy.

Even populous Harbin which in due time was frightened to shelter at itself remains of Regal martyrs, but subsequently has accepted remains a gene. Kappelja also has buried them in military church [6] and to which has been sent by me for gathering donations protodiakon Vasily De [7], even Harbin has offered only 300 dollars, from which half pozhertvovana orthodox Chinese.

From relatives of Regal martyrs for all time has not acted any payments on maintenance of coffins in the order and there were no even requests for fulfilment pominalnyh prayers.

All have forgotten.

From all million Russian emigration only a few person in. Tianjine have responded on my appeal and on the means have expressed readiness to make three coffins for Regal martyrs.

Strange after such attitude to memory of Regal martyrs somehow even to think of restoration of the Dynasty. Probably, all have left in the private affairs, have forgotten about the Native land and do not want to recollect Martyrs of the debt and honour of whom Russia and krasitsja Church Orthodox is proud.

If we do not revere memory of our Regal martyrs, whether that we shall esteem Tsar and to obey it? And whether we can hope, what the Lord will take pity on our Native land and above us and will remove punishment which has fairly comprehended us if we will not be corrected and we shall not give themselves the promise in all to follow Its Divine precepts? We shall begin the correction by a payment of the mite on a construction instead of the new coffins which have come in unsuitability for Regal martyrs, on repair of temple Bozhija in which prays to the Lord about fast disposal of our Native land of godless authority and our returning in native places » [8] would rise.

Typically, as after resulted by us oblichitelno the word of the Lord printed in Europe, in one of the centers of Russian emigration, and the right sense, zhertvovatelej it was found not too much:

« In connection with clause mitr. Innokentija, printed in № 128 “ TSar. The bulletin ” , the Union of officers, participants Conducted. Wars, ispovedajushchy the motto “ For Belief, Tsar and Fatherland ” , has taken up fund raising on a construction of a crypt for coffins Conducted. The princes tortured in Alapaevsk » [9].

« The union of officers of participants of Great war (“ For Belief, Tsar and Fatherland ” ) leads up to general data, that gathering of donations on maintenance of coffins of Regal Martyrs in Beijing (see clause of metropolitan Innokentija in № 128 “ TS. . ” ) proceeds. Donations ask to direct “ the Imperial Bulletin ” through edition of the newspaper. Acting money will be sent to destination in the first of April with. And therefore the Union asks to strengthen donations. The report of the collected sums will be published in April » [10].

« In the Beijing Spiritual Mission, – the journalist wrote right at the beginning of February, 1931 harbinsky, – two coffins for bodies of Grand dukes are just delivered. Coffins have been transferred to the Beijing metropolitan Innokentiju and in them bodies of Grand duke Sergey Mihajlovicha – the Supreme general-inspector of Russian artillery and Prince John Konstantinovicha, son Konstantin Konstantinovicha (the poet will be shifted To. .). […] Transposition of bodies of the deceased represents the big difficulties and metropolitan Innokenty has addressed for advice and the help to heads Rokfellerovskogo of institute. The administration of the last has gone towards metropolitan and for transposition of bodies two assistants will be sent on business to new coffins from institute » [11].

Have addressed also to the doctor of former Imperial Diplomatic mission in Beijing to Peter Sudakovu. Later it informed on it in the letter to the sister of three Alapaevskih Martyrs (most likely, Knjazhne to Belief Konstantinovne), probably, wrongly carrying event to 1928: « Has passed 8 years from the date of their death, and I did not know, in what condition I shall find bodies. I have addressed for the help to my friend, the professor of pathology Beijing Union Medical College, Rockfeller Foundation which has willingly agreed to go with me on a cemetery. When we have arrived there have found in church delegation of officers and clergy. Three coffins have been transferred from a cellar in church. One of coffins was the greater size, than others two. When have removed an iron cover under it there was a wooden coffin from massive boards. Have opened a board. The body of the bogatyr covered silk drapri has appeared at us. Have flung open a shroud. The person was grey color, obrosshee a beard. There was no attribute of decay, that I was surprised. On closer examination I have seen, that the body has been opened and embalmed, than and preservation of a body speaks. The person was so well kept, that it was easy to learn Grand duke Sergey Mihajlovicha. I have touched a skull and have groped cracks. Body it have shifted in the prepared coffin and have shrouded in a shroud. […] Then we have shifted bodies of your brothers … their Bodies were in the same good condition, and they too have been embalmed. At one of them the skull has been broken, and at another edges on one party are broken. Body Paleja was predano to the ground under the order of its mother » [12].

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Under the canopy of a temple of the Chinese martyrs

In 1938, in connection with threat by the begun occupation by Japan of China, body Alapaevskih of martyrs have been transferred from Piously - Serafimovskoj kladbishchenskoj to church in a crypt at a temple in the name of All Sacred, from a century to the God pleased, on a grave of fair remains of orthodox Chinese martyrs for the Christ ubiennyh during time t. n. Boxing mutiny of 1900, taking place directly within the precincts of Spiritual mission. In the same crypt, by the way, was pogrebeno a body of metropolitan Innokentija (Figurovskogo), so a lot of making for perpetuating memory Chinese and Alapaevskih martyrs [1].

It it was necessary to tell about a place more in detail. It is connected to temples of the Russian Spiritual mission in China, founded by Tsar Peter Alekseevichem in 1712. As an occasion to their erection ihetuanej (more known revolt has served in the literature under the name "boxing"). It was religious, in deep essence antiChristian, movement which participants – forerunners of modern admirers of oriental combat sports – suited the mysteries similar to ceremonies of present occultists. In Beijing it began in the evening on June, 1, 1900. In result Russian Orthodox Mission has been ruined, Uspensky the temple – is burnt. Have been killed over two hundred the orthodox Chinese accepting death for the Christ with surprising samootverzheniem. Became on June, 11 when the Church reveres memory of apostles Varfolomey and Varnava in the main afternoon of their tortures.

In Ambassadorial quarter, oboronjavshemsja the incorporated European forces, were rescueed more than three thousand Chinese Christians. Everywhere in China Russian blood flew. (Subsequently remains of Russian people have collected in a uniform communal grave. In the middle of February, 1901 she has been filled. Coffins have put densely one to another in some numbers. In each of them was on some person. In 1905 above a communal grave the chapel of the Christ of the Savior, and later – the first temple in Tianjine has been constructed.)

Russian armies under command of general N.P.Linevicha together with allies on August, 1, 1900 storm have taken Beijing.

Already on October, 11, 1900 the chief of Russian Spiritual Mission archimandrite Innokenty (subsequently metropolitan) has sent to St.. Synod the list of names of 222 orthodox Chinese who have accepted death for Belief, petitioning about perpetuating of their memory.

St.. Synod in the definition from April, 22, 1902 has blessed on a place of the ruined church of Mission to arrange a temple in the name of All Sacred Martyrs of Orthodox Church with a crypt for burial in it all for Belief of orthodox Chinese izbiennyh, having established them annual celebrating on June, 10 and 11.

It was made on the following grade: « on June, 10 to observe a strict post, transferring it on the nearest Friday if the marked number happen on Saturday or Sunday and to make a doleful Liturgy with requiem on izbiennym to orthodox Chinese, and on June, 11 to send solemnly, under the temple chapter, divine service in the name of Sacred Martyrs of Orthodox Church, with religious procession on a place of beating of orthodox Chinese or around of a temple, with singing irmosov “ Volnoju morskoju ” , and, after usual mnogoletstvija, to proclaim eternal memory all fairly the victim for Orthodox belief to Chinese » [2].

The report of St.. Synod has been authorized by Tsar-martyr Nikolay II. Soon on received from Chinese TSinskogo the imperial government as the contribution 18 000 lan silver bishop Innokenty has got near Bejguanja (« Northern farmstead ») a part of an estate with palace Sy-E-Fu – prince of the fourth Dajtsinskoj dynasties, the son of emperor Tsjan the Moon. There also was will erect a temple in the name of All Sacred Martyrs. In a crypt under it in six big stone coffins also were upokoeny 222 Chinese martyrs. Bodies of many of them have been glorified by the Lord netleniem. Nearby on a cemetery the temple prep has been constructed. Serafima Sarovsky where in specially arranged crypt with 1920 till 1938 bodies of the Most august martyrs rested.

« … Mission, – describes our contemporary, harbinets by origin, Bejguan, – borrowed a known part in the Chinese history of old Beijing – in the corner of its ancient northern city walls. Its extensive area represented a complex of parks with various landscapes, breeds of trees – pines and fur-trees, mulberry, fruit, – a pond with bridges, emerald lawns, a shadow and a cool. It was the best on beauty and any surprising rest a corner of old Beijing known in i for beauty and uniqueness of architectural monuments and parks.

Bejguan was a pearl among them.

Here and there in this enormous estate various structures have been scattered: closer to a front entrance with a high beautiful belltower in old russian style – Uspensky a cathedral; the most beautiful two-storeyed five-domed church in old russian style in the name of All Sacred, constructed above a crypt where remains of 222 orthodox Chinese killed during revolt ihetuanej in 1900 have been collected; t. n. Arhierejsky the house of the chief of Mission (on June, 23, 1931 – metropolitan Innokentija, later – archbishop Simona [3], then archbishop Victor [4]) – in classical Chinese style as earlier it was one of buildings of a palace of manchurian prince pravivshej dynasties Cin; Krestovaja church in the name of prelate and chudotvortsa Innokentija Irkutsk near to apartments of the Lord, some more chasoven, the brotherly case – a shelter for pilgrims, and in considered years – Russian refugees and others. Podalee, behind a pond, the city wall had economic constructions, a dairy farm of Mission and so forth.

All Mission, I shall not be afraid to repeat, was beried in verdure.

Mission in Beijing was pride orthodox i, one of the biggest Christian missions in China » [5].

And, perhaps, key, for today the document on a theme interesting us the note « Alapayevsk martyrs », signed ieromonahom Nikolay is final. This three-page typewritten unique document was kept in archive Knjazhny of Belief Konstantinovny (1906†2001), the most younger child in family Conducted. Kn. Konstantin Konstantinovicha also Conducted. Kn. Elizabeths Mavrikievny, sisters of three Alapaevskih Martyrs. She has died near New York, where a vein in house Tolstovskogo of fund, for all long life and not having accepted nobody's citizenship.

After a while after its death the part of archive Knjazhny of Belief has been found out among boxes with the humanitarian help, received by one of the Moscow temples. Behind papers those to whom they intended should come. But so anybody also has not come …

Here this document which we for the first time inform completely without what or withdrawals:

« I on February, 4, 1937 have arrived to the Russian Spiritual Mission in China, (to) Beijing.

Mission borrows in a northeast corner of city walls a site of the ground 12 desjatin, with fields and park.

Among park there is a two-storeyed temple. Below three churches: in sredine – in honour of all sacred martyrs and in memory of orthodox Chinese, ubiennyh the flown into a rage boxers in 1900.

To the right – in honour over apostle Simona Zilota, on the left – in honour of the Cover of Tsarina Heavenly.

Above a temple of prelate Nikolay, Mirlikijskogo chudotvortsa.

In 1900 have dug out a deep well, have collected all bodies of martyrs-Chinese killed by boxers and have combined in this well on eternal rest.

Above this well nowadays a sacred Altar of a temple over martyrs. This temple – a crypt on 50 person. Walls of a temple of thickness of three arshins, and a ceiling vaulted, an arch. Level with a floor, on three windows on both parties, vysotoju and shirinoju five quarters, approximately. Outside – iron lattices.

In these windows-niches there were five zinc, brown color, the coffins covered with black velvet covers, with the big white brushes. On walls, against each coffin there were copper boards, the size 56 inches, with inscriptions:

“ Its Imperial Highnes, Grand duke Sergy Mihajlovich ” .

“ Its Imperial Highnes, Grand duke John Konstantinovich ” .

“ Its Imperial Highnes, Grand duke Konstantin Konstantinovich ” .

“ Its Imperial Highnes, Grand duke Igor Konstantinovich ” .

“ Columns [6] Vladimir Pavlovich Palej ” .

3-go April, 1920 from Harbin there arrived to Beijing eight coffins. Before my arrival to Beijing remains of Great Princess Elizabeth Feodorovny, former nastojatelnitsy the Marfo-Mariinsky monastery in Moscow, and sisters Barbarians JAkovlevoj were uvezeny to Jerusalem, and remains Feodora Semenovicha Remeza pogrebeny at the right wall of a temple Saint Serafima, Sarovsky chudotvortsa, on a cemetery of Mission, in a field, one and a half versts from a city gate.

The most august Family of Emperor and all from the Sort Imperial ubiennye, leaders and soldiers, for Belief, Tsar and Fatherland the stomach put, have been written down in diptihi and remembered their names on proskomidijah, doleful ektenijah and requiems.

All five coffins with remains of martyrs were from thin zinc and on them many holes have appeared.

Cares of emigrant committees have been ordered and made by masters-Chinese in Tianjine new five coffins of thick zinc, on beautiful copper legs. Grigory Mihajlovich Kepping [7] observed of a hand-made article of coffins, it and has brought them to Beijing.

In the beginning of October, 1943 to Mission there arrived delegates of emigrant committees: Beijing, Tianjina, Shanghai, militarians and public organizations and two doctors – doctor Sviridov, the surgeon, 72 years, the senior doctor of emigrant hospital in Tianjine and doctor I.H.Bril, 48 years, lived it in Mission.

The Commission was formed in structure of 12 person.

All necessary have been prepared in the Cathedral. Have brought also coffins of martyrs. Them took out on one and put on a wide long table; doctors, military experts and all members of the Commission very closely examined bodies, defined and counted wounds of fire-arms and shtykovye, krovopodteki and bruises, washed remains, changed clothes for all new, all in details wrote down in the Certificate and put in new coffins and zapajavali them very carefully.

Bodies of all martyrs have not been damaged by decay. Any smell from them was not and on clothes there was no mould though they have lain 25 years, and some years in holey coffins. In a coffin of Prince Igor Konstantinovicha have found a forget-me-not, she was fresh, as though only is broken in a field.

The leather at all bodies has a little darkened and was as color of dry wheaten grain that happens from a wind and sunburn on the sun. I do not remember at whom a back has darkened, than at the others, from water in a well where they have been reset by red humanoid animals more, however the leather was dense.

Imperishable bodies without any smell and the kept forget-me-not within 25 years is preslavnoe a miracle of Craft Bozhija and the instruction to us, guilty, that – martyrs the Lord has accepted sacred souls of the slaves in light Heavenly Monasteries on eternal pleasure with Angels and all Its sacred Flatterers.

Cathedral oblong, rather narrow, "ship", windows it is low from the ground. Outside it was possible to see, that occurs in a temple, therefore orthodox with awe looked at a rearrangement of martyrs, were surprised, moved and cried, seeing miracle Bozhie in reality.

Long eyewitnesses of miracle Bozhija recollected, told the experiences and impressions about everything, that saw in those hours per the Cathedral.

Upon termination of works of the Commission archbishop Victor has served requiem on martyrs, then all coffins have again carried away in a temple of sacred martyrs and have put in niches on old places and have covered with black coverlets » [8].

The described survey and pereoblachenie relics of the Most august martyrs has been made before expected future main recesses. When they have come, power has been solved to hide. In due time in an emigre press has appeared messages about perezahoronenii. We were reached with memoirs directly accepting in them participation of colonel V.I.Shajditskogo (1890†1981), the written 30 years later: « In the beginning of 1945 on affairs of service I have left from Shanghai for Beijing and have stopped in Spiritual Mission. By this time all premises in its territory have been filled with grades of Russian security railway groups, former on service of the Japanese command in northern China, the negotiations disbanded to the beginning about an armistice, and their families, and also Russian people from the western provinces searching for havens Beijing - Tianjin-Qingdao is closer to Russian moving.

In the first day of arrival I have met colonel Klimovskih, bezsledno missed of Shanghai. On it there was a monastic attire. The participant of Great war and White struggle, it has decided to devote itself to Church Hristovoj. It lived in a small house in which the candle factory was located and where it has invited me to place. In a small room it lived, and in workshop on the big table has arranged to me bed, that rather approached for my growth.

Mission borrowed the big area in a northeast corner of city and also, as well as all Beijing, has been enclosed with a stone wall. She had: the big Cathedral and some churches, the big richly arranged house of the prior of Mission, hotel for coming pilgrims, rather and rather rich library with valuable scientific books and the magazines, a rich vestry with a plenty various oblacheny, from mitropolichego up to the novice, mitry and staffs – all this acted a wide stream from Russia for many years, a printing house, binding, a candle factory, a machine laundry, a dairy farm, school for children.

Small houses for employees were in different places of the big beautiful park with greenhouses and kitchen gardens.

One of churches, “ temple of all Martyrs ” , is constructed on a communal grave of 222 killed orthodox Chinese protecting Mission from boxers during distemper in 1900. A temple this two-storeyed. In top, in the right and left wall niches are fixed and in everyone there was a coffin with a name on a plate. In coffins pokoilis remains of the Grand-ducal martyrs who have lost in mines near city of Alapaevsk of the Perm province […] All bodies arrived to Beijing on April, 3, 1920 and have been temporarily buried. In 1927 prahi have been made in zinc and are enclosed in wooden coffins and are inserted into niches. Military honours from Russian group of the armies serving in army of marshal Chzhan Tszolinja have been rendered.

In the summer of 1945 Japan has surrendered. The Chinese communistic army remaining passive during all time of the Japanese occupation, has got out of different cracks and has interrupted all ways as railway, having disassembled not only rails, but having cleaned and cross ties, and soil roads. The Japanese armies were locked in the bases.

In one of mornings in the middle of August above Beijing terrible noise from the flying airplanes which have risen from the American squadron, arrived in Taku-port Tianjina was distributed. Having twisted, they have departed, but soon again have appeared.

Appeared, that machines could not land because of damage of air station, therefore the American general appointed for acceptance of command by the Beijing garrison, has gone down from the staff on parachutes. All of us is facilitated have sighed. But hearings crept, that the Soviet army goes from the north to Beijing and has approached to the Great Chinese wall at gate SHangaj-guanja. This wall separates China from Manchuria.

There was a propagation about the introduction into "native" army and many have given in to it and on an embankment and dredging of a cloth there was … in a concentration camp and on tortures all of the forgiving native land …

All experienced the big alarm. What to do?.. With hope expected restoration of means of communication to reach up to Tianjina and therefrom, the God will give, to reach saving Shanghai.

In one of disturbing evenings archbishop Victor, Beijing and Chinese, it is good me knowing, has called for itself and has given me honourable and rather the responsible mission: “ In view of possible arrival of the Soviet armies to hide coffins with Great Knjazjami ” . It has been solved: four coffins to transfer to the bottom temple and to lower in ready cells under a floor which bottom was the ground on which there was a temple.

Coffins with kn. Palej and Remezom to leave on former places. Carry to make the nearest dark night and to keep all as fiduciary. Prince John to put in an altar to the left from the Throne, as accepted a dignity diakona before death. To the right from the Throne pokoilis: metropolitan Innokenty and archbishop Simon. In a temple along the left wall in all its length there are three cells: in the first there was a coffin with ashes of archimandrite Nafanaila, in the second to put Conducted. Kn. Sergija, in a third of Princes Konstantin and Igor together beside. For support of coffins the Lord has appointed hegumen Michael, and for carry ieromonaha Serafima.

I am obliged to find four true military grades that together with me, the sixth, could lift heavy coffins. For the morning the Lord with me has examined the bottom temple, have checked up a floor and I have planned a way for procession.

At night since Monday of 20-th on Tuesday on August, 21, 1945 at a temple of All Martyrs have gathered: hegumen Michael, ieromonah Serafim (in i colonel Klimovskih), colonel Shajditsky, two officers: . . and M. ., two soldiers: . . and G.A.Familii I do not mention, maybe, they "there". If who from them is nearby – respond …

This night was black. Highly in the sky brightly burned stars. Circle was full silence. The hegumen with the lit candle which fire did not wave at all, accompanied ahead with each coffin separately, and we – six, straining the physical strengths supported by the executed debt, with a pray in ideas, made last stage of burial.

We with fear and a pain in heart have put coffins of Princes Konstantin and Igor beside, on an edge but so that persons of brothers looked against each other – the width of a cell did not contain everyone.

Spiritual Mission – Bejguan is impregnated with mysticism: in a single whole the Chinese architecture, belltowers of orthodox temples, crosses on tombs and kolodez victims of boxing revolt, persons of orthodox clerics only slavic and precisely descended from ancient Chinese engravings here have merged. To me it was felt, that us enormous shadows of the Chinese heroes when that memorable night we buried protected not only Forces Heavenly, but also, committing to the earth, our RUSSIAN GRIEF » [9].

However, as appeared, described perezahoronenie was not final. We shall continue the interrupted citing a note ieromonaha Nikolay (speech in it goes already about events of 1947):

« On the request of deputy Uspenskogo of a monastery at Mission of archimandrite Gabriel [10], the chief of Mission, archbishop Victor (veins then in Shanghai) has sent blessing to bury coffins of the Most august Martyrs in a temple [pridele] apostle Simona Zilota, that from the right party of a temple of all sacred martyrs.

In the western part of a temple have dug the general tomb for all five coffins: two arshins the depth, four length and four arshins width.

In a tomb have combined two walls the letter “” both all tomb and walls have filled with cement and have put coffins in such order:


2 3 4 5

1 – Prince V.P.Palej

2 – Prince Igor Konstantinovich

3 – Prince Konstantin Konstantinovich

4 – Prince John Konstantinovich

5 – Conducted. Kn. Sergy Mihajlovich

And on all coffins of Princes copper boards, everyone on the coffin are put.

Tomb have covered with stone plates – 4 arshins of length, arshins of width and 3 vershoks of thickness approximately.

Plates have covered with sand and have cemented; from above have put artificial plates 88 vershoks, koimi all floor of a temple is laid out, and have filled, have connected cement.

No external attributes of a tomb in a temple are present.

Spadework conducted also burial made: archimandrite Gabriel and ieromonah Nikolay, in second half of April, 1947 with Chinese from the contractor.

All work was lead by two, silently, without publicity, cautiously, explained it repair of a temple.

In June, 1947 the chief of Mission archbishop Victor has arrived from Shanghai to Mission and has disposed the Most august Family of Sovereign and all ubiennyh and umuchennyh bolsheviks from the Sort Imperial to delete from diptiha and never to remember Them on proskomidijah, doleful ektenijah and requiems.

Eternal memory sacred Alapaevskim to martyrs.

Thank God for all.

Ieromonah NIKOLAY

15 November, 1954.

Monastery of the Sacred Trinity.


P. S. A member of the Commission I was not, and on a post (riznichy Missions) have been obliged for all to prepare for employment of the Commission and to store the order in the Cathedral.

I. . »

To secret of this last burial place appeared prelate John Shanhajsky is involved. In the letter from June, 6, 1990 to bishop Manhettenskomu Ilarionu (Corporal) T.K.Bagration - Muhransky (1912†1992), the son of Princess Tatyana Konstantinovny (the sister of three Alapaevskih martyrs), c: « … the Deceased lord John Shanhajsky told to mother Tamara [11], that when we left from Beijing and should take Beijing red coffins in a temple have been lowered under the ground and are covered with cement that them could not find » [12].

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Where to search? And for what?..

In 1945 the temple of Sacred Martyrs has departed to Russian Orthodox Church. In 1954 it has been closed. The site of Russian ground has been borrowed with the Soviet embassy. In 1957 under the order of the ambassador of the USSR in Chinese People's Republic P.F.Yudin (1899-1968), the extreme dogmatic person - marksista, a temple has been demolished, and on its place the children's playground and other constructions of embassy was placed. Also the belltower has been destroyed, Uspensky the temple is transformed into ambassadorial garage, Piously - Innokentevskaja church – in a hall for receptions and hotel, a vestry – in a consular department. The richest assembly of books is burnt.

It is known, that to power over the Chinese martyrs, remains of metropolitan Innokentija (Figurovskogo) and archbishop Simona (Vinogradova), on blessing the Patriarch Moscow and all Russia Alex (Simanskogo), in January, 1957 have been transferred in a temple prep. Serafima Sarovsky on a cemetery [1].

Temple prep. Serafima has been destroyed in 1986.

On a place of a cemetery there was a park of Lake of youth about which third borrows an artificial reservoir. Since then the most part of relics over the Chinese martyrs are based at the bottom of an artificial reservoir [2].

In June, 1990 the doctor of historical sciences G.V.Melikhov tried to learn in the Russian embassy in Beijing something about destiny of burial places Alapaevskih of martyrs. « … In embassy, – it writes, – my questions have been met with the uttermost amazement: anybody did not know anything about it … And when it was found out, that I am engaged in history of the Russian emigration in China on all it began … to ask me » [3].

Absence of any data on relics Alapaevskih of martyrs rather eloquently. Any announcement of them to the Soviet diplomats at the end of 1950th years and later would mean, first, violation of them, and, secondly, their immediate destruction. That is why there is a hope for their finding there where they in due time with the big precautions have been covered, on a place of a temple of All sacred martyrs in territory of present embassy of Russia in China.

This problem, however, is represented to us not so simple and unequivocal. Also put here not in only one technical or political complexities. And moreover, at all in them.

We list a number of problems, which need to try to be solved before in general to undertake this business.

As we already wrote, Russian Orthodox Church Abroad in 1981 in a face sacred had been glorified Alapayevsk martyrs: Grand duke Sergy Mihajlovich, Knjazja John, Konstantin and Igor Konstantinovichi, Great Princess Elisaveta Feodorovna and inokinja the Barbarian, prince Vladimir Palej.

Russian Orthodox Church (the Moscow Patriarchy) in 1992 has glorified only Conducted. Kn. Elisavetu Feodorovnu and inokinju to the Barbarian. About the others Alapaevskih martyrs and speeches were not.

If in Beijing will start business will necessarily involve in this representatives of Russian Orthodox Church (the Moscow Patriarchy). Thus, it will be eksgumatsija remains orthodox, instead of finding of relics sacred, already glorified by Foreign Church.

Other important circumstance: it is necessary horoshenko to remember, that Craft Bozhiim of power of the Most august Alapaevskih martyrs appeared closely connected with relics of martyrs Chinese, in due time for ever, appear, the Soviet hands Soviet and Chinese atheists.

Arhierejsky the Cathedral of Russian Orthodox Church Abroad in 1996 has glorified « victims of the first in i red terror of a boundary of a this century ». The special icon « the Cathedral of sacred martyrs Chinese » has been written even.

In turn, St.. Synod of Russian Orthodox Church (the Moscow Patriarchy) on April, 17, 1997 has decided « to restore execution of the Decree of the Synod about reverence in a face mestnochtimyh sacred martyrs of martyr Mitrofana and 221 orthodox i with it in China victims. In the afternoon of their memory to define on June, 24 (n. An item) ».

From here it is visible, that a problem this not only political, but mainly mystical. A lot of its aspects today is known (we mean, first of all, a problem of China in connection with eshatologiej) [4], but in any way is not considered yet.

All these circumstances also should be taken into account today that who initiates findings relics Alapaevskih of martyrs, thus daring to accept responsibility for consequences before Church, Russia and – so it turns out – i.

11/24 December, 2004.

Prep. Daniel Stolpnika.

Visiting by St.. Tsarina-martyress Aleksandroj

staritsy Maria Mihajlovny (Novgorod. 1916)

[1] Svjashch. Dionisy Pozdnjaev. Orthodoxy in China (1900-1997). M. 1998. With. 153.

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