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Hello! Ni hao!

An increasing number of young primortsev want to witness China. Valeria Verderevskaya, Vladivostokskogo graduate of the State University of Economics and service in their spare time sings in the choir of St. temple. rights. John Kronshtadtskogo. And their profession did associate with the work of the Chinese language interpreter.

Photo. Students in China.

- How did you hit in China? Where exactly?

"I wanted to improve their knowledge of the Chinese language and through our VGUES arranged trip. That is just helped decorate the University of all necessary documents, to be invited, all other issues have already been solved, I itself. Harbinsky University is considered one of the largest in the whole of China. It occupies the 5 th or 6 th. And while he gradient Polytechnic, based on its base language school, where I was driving.

- Have the study of language or continued education for the general rate?

Uchila-language and only language. In three aspects: grammar, angry and talking. Staff-Chinese and explained everything, respectively, in Chinese. Tried everything possible to explain in simple terms, but also in Chinese.

- So you already have a preparatory base?

"I thought that yes, it was. Because before that, in VGUESe, we were taught Chinese for two years. But when I came to China, it can only say "thank you", "farewell", "Hello", etc.

- unclear how do you learn in China?

Since the board with a sheet, ie when I see the text of familiar characters, I realize that states. I first went to the most simple group "A", the first of six (from "A" to "F"). And then look: ABC has given us did - and perevelas in "B". There was poslozhnee. The first half-day, we met in a language school, and then went to the dormitory, where I have been working with the vocabulary. Engaged in regular classroom permanently in one. Painted images wrote. Initially, it was hard. Little is understandable. In the group were 17 people. What the Russian were in the group, is, of course, the drawback in the sense that as soon as you start to move into Russian. To Koreans, when they come to the guests, willy-nilly have to communicate in Chinese with the help of gestures that much better for usvaivaniya.

At the end of the semester has just been talk. We have issued the certificates overall plan, which says takogo-to on with a particular, we studied at Harbin University. And separately, the application and examination results.

Students publish their own journals at the end of the semester, where students placed photos and articles about living legends in China, either in their own country. The magazine even has my notes. Helped teacher. I participated in sports competitions, and asked me to write about this. Dali, even prize-500 yuan for the 4 th.

Sophia Cathedral in Harbin

- Terms of residence?

- lived in good conditions. Compared with our condominiums, which resides in one room of 4-5 people in the Chinese community much better. Two rooms, each for 2 persons, common kitchen and bathroom. At the bottom of shops. The area is very large university. Sam Training Corps (campus) is located near the center. Represents from the building itself, built another Russian architects. Reminds public library in Moscow. A large, with peaks, it even signed in Russian, that the building Polytechnic University. Indeed many Russians on the territory of buildings. Near about 10 dormitories. Prior to the central city area 20 minutes on foot.

- Timetable?

- We had three sessions a week with the first shift and two from the second. C 8 to 12 and from 13 to 17 hours. They are mandatory middle school vacations, for 10 days. Autumn is the October associated with the formation of the PRC. And the spring-Spring Festival. Big holidays - summer and winter, lasted about two months.

Chinese faces very early. Our dormitory was sports ground with tennis courts and playground basketball, and we tried there from morning to play tennis, learn, but at 6 am already all courts were occupied. Then simply turned on the morning of the territory. And many Chinese also run. Somewhere between 6 and 7, all charged to after 7 go to the cafeteria breakfast.

They eat cheap. The food itself differently there postnye dishes, a lot of vegetables. It was an opportunity to prepare at home: standing stoves. But in canteens prilichno well fed. In town, two tablespoons of three floors and one in one. A very large area. On the escalators. They have a very interesting system of payment. There card. On the tray stand-show that you need. Then, a quick podaesh card. Read the money, and more moments. All very quickly. Breakfast from 7 to 8. Lunch from 12 to 13. Dinner from 5 to 6 pm. This is a very good. Because in that period the whole mass of students and teachers are thumb. Of these intervals canteens closed.

On the streets of Harbin.

- Tell bit of Harbin. How did you conduct leisure? As Chinese holiday themselves?

- It was time to walk free. We exported at the University of tours. Three bus went through the town, and towards the end of the semester, in the zoo, which is an hour's drive from Harbin in the open air.

The rest of the Russians found out all students who studied here and went themselves in public transportation. Travel by public transport is around one yuan. A taxi-8 yuan. Sometimes, instead of canteens went to the so-called "cinematic", which occur in Harbin at every corner and where there is a menu in Russian. Owners know that Russian students studying here. Enrollment po-probovat and Korean cuisine. There is an Arabic cuisine.

In summer, of course, the beaches. In late May, in June, we had already died. It was over 30 every day. In just fled dormitory shower. A fine in the classroom-conditioners installed. Spring is the same as us. Somewhere cold, the snow somewhere, somehow dirty.

Sleep in China is weighing hours at 9 pm. At 10 on the streets already very few people. Shops closed about 18-19. There are supermarkets, which may work until 12 at night. Small shops, in some cases, and are open round the clock.

P Bund. Songhua River in Harbin-known place of rest, often walked there. Harbinskoy were at the fair.

Interesting Harbinskaya sauna. Three-Sauna. Do not take anything with them. All issued. Even fruit. On the second floor lounge: beds, a scene ahead, where are concerts in the evenings. On the third floor gym, billiards and-buffet dinner. And then in the bath can stay with overnight in the morning to stand breakfast. Who traveling there for one or two days, in the sauna and lives. And all this for 38 yuan (150 pp.) A day.

Chinese themselves very much involved in sports, run, little smoke. Leading a healthy lifestyle and therefore live very long. Go on hosts rarely on bicycles. But go bad, not giving way to pedestrians the way, they bypass easier than to give way. There CABRIOLET-rickshaws and motorcycles with kibitochkami more for tourists. The climate is very similar to ours. As winter cold. Even in winter ice palace building known outside Harbin.

For the city there are terrible place - Japanese laboratory since the days of the occupation. There is now a museum, and earlier experiments conducted over the Russians, Chinese and the Mongols. Gaza, cold, chemical weapons. The brutal experiments. Then, when fleeing, blew up. There remained headquarters. Many Chinese know about it and remember.

- Relationship to students on the basis of nationality?

- Staff no distinction is not made, but blacks complained to them that another myth, Russian vy-to of color and more fit, and we immediately apparent.

In the town of foreigners are very good, privetlivo. Somewhere something to help, help. Every case. But publicly swears it will not.

Pokrov Temple in Harbin

- Are there Orthodox temples?

"I went to every Sunday Pokrovsky temple. The room had lived with a Russian girl and attended church together, while at his home in the temple, she did not go. But somehow become in Harbin.

Protection of the Holy Temple is located nearby. I reached him thirty minutes. The bus went too. The shrine is open, but there's no services because there is no good gracious. On Sundays it is going to the community. Headman name is Victor, he reads the prayers in Chinese and only "Lord God" and "Hallelujah" in Russian. He himself does not know Russian, but home mother and aunt Satisfactory communicate well. They are for 70, and their grandmother lived in Wrangel until it moved to Harbin. Victor directs community gathers parishioners to read. At Easter, they have been around during the Cross church. In many community really sincere believers, many Russian roots, or someone in their native priest, for many temple is a place of communication charges. Sami baptize infants, if there is no way helping the priest.

There are famous people in Harbin-Nikolai Zaika. His father arrived in the XIX century in Harbin from Ukraine with a diploma and left. Know very well the history of Harbin, was born there, may well tell about it. He met us very well. Nicholas spoke of a culture of Harbin park in the territory of which previously were Russian cemetery, where it was buried about 60000 people. During the Cultural Revolution, all demolished, and nadgorbnye slabs used for calculations river embankment. Songhua River.

There was buried Father John Storojev-priest, who, in the words of N. Zaiki, last prichaschal Tsarist family, and then went to Harbin, where he died. At the cemetery monument he placed full potential. And when all down, until the last moment did not want to remove this monument, said John stands as a living. At the park now remain only an abandoned building Assumption Church, and without the cross, and zakolochennymi doors.

In Sofia remains at the heart of the temple museum. Inside plays music and tells about the history of Harbin.

There is another temple on Gogol Street, which in Chinese is called "Gogol." In the evenings older people are going about it and spend the evening. Dancing national dances. Something similar to our round dance. Interestingly, beautiful. All blagopristoyno. People watching from the outside, may themselves to join, if desired. And in the morning doing all the charging. Very popular gymnastics Chi Kung. Early in the morning from 6 am groups gather in parks, and somewhere at the sites involved. Who does not know how to party stands, a student.

- Somewhere, except Harbin, managed to go?

At Pascha, along with parishioner Pokrovsky temple Vladivostok, which I met at the university, we traveled to Beijing, to the service. From Beijing to Harbin by train 12 hours. Go at night. Immigrated to Beijing, located in the hotel and went to our embassy. There temple building completed in the Chinese style.

Outside over the entrance icon Nicholas Nicholas. Presentation of the Chinese: flashlights, cranes, painting. Altar not otgorozhen iconostasis. Quire small place. Girls song from Moscow, studying in Beijing. Father Benedict Served from Ussuriisk. A service and the Annunciation. We hit on the liturgy in the Great Saturday and Sunday night at the Easter service. A course of the Cross, came from other embassies, it was a lot of people.

Service lasted until morning. Then pulled a large table. Good gracious all gave small gifts. Razgovelis already in the morning. The territory of the Russian embassy is considered one of the largest.

Inside the split is a large park and memorable cross the dead Russian in China.

People in Harbin and, say, in Beijing, such as different from each other?

- Yes, in Harbin more friendly, and it is noticeable. Including in relation to the Russian. In Suyfenhe quite differently-more severe treatment, people are bitter, because of the many Russians who behave po-hamski. Naturally, the Chinese zadergannye there. The only things that we saved, it is at least a poor knowledge of Chinese. In Beijing, a lot of people speak English and easier to navigate through the city. But more often encountered situations where, in response silent simply not responsible. We see that the capital. Very reminded Beijing to Moscow. Large, spacious, wide city. Overall increase a little. Cleaner. Price increase. A Harbin more industrial town. Uzenkie streets. And people pootzyvchivee.

- How many believers in China?

- I do not know the percentage. But shows that the society is sufficiently strong ateizirovano. Skeptical belong to the religion, but at the same time, its Buddhist monasteries they love to visit.

The Koreans, who studied together with me, a lot of reading the Bible, literally every morning, every Sunday, met kirches. In Harbin, there are mosques, and synagogues, Protestant church.

How many have time to learn Chinese?

If China, it should be half to be able to understand, speak. There will be a good level. But to be a translator working in a company should be two years.

Dependent more of the talk with whom: if the Russians, it is one thing, if the Chinese, then produced very good.

- What's easier to learn Chinese, Russian or Chinese-Russian.

- Perhaps the Chinese it is easier because they are more hardworking. In VGUESe I met with kitayankoy, for the year she learned Russian in Vladivostok, and has then start training in the specialty. I am very surprised because in a year to learn Russian-it must be very, very hard to deal with and a lot of work.

- Additional plans?

- At the present time, I came in second higher-Chinese translator in VGUES. I was once took for the third course. As the second higher. I would write a diploma in Chinese.

Mikhail Bochkarnikov