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Kiberzavisimost treatment in China
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About computer dependence of mass-media write not less, than about narkozavisimosti. But strangely enough, till now there are no turned out techniques of its(her) treatment. However as the computer and the Internet become accessible to the increasing number of people, the problem starts all to declare itself more persistently. That the problem of computer dependence (as well as) is necessary for solving a narcotism at the state level, one and a half year ago have reflected in China. Also have created on the basis of the Peking military hospital the rehabilitation Center first in the country for kiberzavisimoj youth. May in this Center was visited by two experts on rehabilitation narkozavisimykh - naselnik deserts Ploshchanskoj (Bryansk region) ieromonakh DIOMID (Kuzmin) and director of the Tallinn Center of social rehabilitation narkozavisimykh (and as the Internet-dependent) "Loksa", psychologist Lyudmila GORDEEVA. The impressions of a trip they share with the correspondent of our site.

Chinese needles,
Army discipline

— Than your interest to rehabilitation the Internet-dependent of teenagers in the Peking hospital speaks?

Lyudmila Gordeyev: Recently in our Center patients at whom double dependence is observed began to act: from drugs and from a computer. And if with narkozavisimostyu we already are able to work, about treatment of computer dependence it is known while very little. In the world of the experts owning this theme, it is few. Therefore experience of the Chinese colleagues from the Peking military hospital has very much interested us.

O.Diomid: Personally it was very useful for me to see other environment, other world. Our monastery some years is engaged in rehabilitation narkozavisimoj youth. But as there are new forms of mental dependence, we as are going to resist to them, we collect the information and we accumulate experience.

— In what it has appeared the Chinese experience is useful, what it seemed to you unusual, new?

.: I was involved with their organizational structure. The combination of military hospital and treatment of children (though it is hospital, but all the same there army discipline) was unexpected. The demographic policy(politics) of China one family — one child has led to that in children superegoism is formed and they absolutely refuse to submit to adults if something is not pleasant to them. For example, when parents ask to switch off a computer. If parents insist, the child can easily satisfy the need(requirement) for a computer at somebody from numerous relatives, each of which usually dreams to take to itself(himself) the child though for some time.

Dependent there are аутисты-introverts who are badly socialized and which have problems with the communications more often. Absence of skills of dialogue with other people, skills to stand up for and to overcome difficulties (and from which parents aspire to protect the child) pushes the child to a choice of a virtual reality.

Leaving in a court yard and communicating with contempoparies, the child collides(faces) that the life is unpredictable. This unpredictability frightens it(him). It(he) tries to avoid a reality and to search for psychological comfort on the Internet where safety is guaranteed also it(he) all can .

The virtual reality allows it(him) samoutverditsya, that is difficult enough in the present(true) validity. The child more and more than time spends behind a computer where it(he) seems to itself(himself) strong, clever, resolute, etc. As it(he) ignores appeals of parents to switch off a computer, to treat it(him) it is practically impossible, if nothing to change. In fact illness does not have any corporal displays, the child does not realize dependence though sits instead of employment(occupations) at school in the Internet-cafe secretly from parents.

More often parents appear are shocked, when learn(find out), that their only child is sick, in fact on it(him) the rate in the future is done(made).

Building of Peking hospital,
Where there passes(there takes place) rehabilitation

o.: Kiberzavisimost at children in China develops in 5-6 years. On 9 kiberzavisimykh boys 1 girl (experts mark(celebrate), that at the girl in this case usually bad attitudes(relations) with mum) is necessary. Children of rich parents sit down to a computer already in three years.

The Chinese youth aspires to imitate the European civilization which is connected for them, including, and with the Internet, therefore children the first get in network dependence. In the Center 350 children are now treated, but their number on all country grows. Among patients of the Center a quarter of students of the first rates, the rest from 12 till 15 years. As a whole the age of patients does not exceed 21 years. Relapse makes about 20 %.

Treatment costs(stands) nedeshevo: in a month — 1500 dollars, and the rate provides 3 months (in Pekin the average salary 400 dollars a month).

In the Central Peking military hospital about the Internet-dependence work one and a half year. For the information(inquiry): in the Internet in China daily there is 140 million person.

L.G.: treatment consists of two stages. When the child acts in the Center in a condition of overexcitation, all over again it is necessary to calm its(his) mentality. Methods of traditional Chinese medicine are applied for this purpose. Acupuncture, in particular.

About.: Have thought up the device which on akupunkturnym to points diagnoses a condition of the person, and it is possible even to correct(adjust) a condition of depression and a psychosis by means of this device.

Employment(Occupations) with with patients.

Conditions of life

L.G.: and the second stage is, actually, attempts of overcoming of dependence and returning by a normal life. I could observe work of experts and have understood, that an essence of a technique – in correction of behaviour: I have looked as children(guys) join in a vital reality through army, through system of submission and discipline.

The child gets in the man's environment where it is compelled(forced) samoorganizovatsya and to do(make) due, instead of that you want. It(he) sees structure of a life in army where norm(rate) is the mode, self-service, drill, sports employment(occupations) under direction of the soldier (and under supervision of the doctor). In fact in a shower(soul) each boy wishes to be strong, courageous here again it(he) can feel it in a reality. And children start to play army , finding missing experience of a life in man's collective in safe enough way, in fact all children "sort" (being expressed by the Chinese terminology) on psychological features, and experts watch(keep up), that was not dedovshchiny. Children(guys) live in the huge case where two floors inhabited, and two are given under a rehabilitation part. Children are broken into groups: till 10-15 the person. On 350 reabilitiruemykh it is necessary about 30 employees (psychiatrists, experts in narcology, psychologists, etc.) not including nurses and militarians.

There there is a part-time farm where children, the majority from which city, receive skill of care of pets. Leisure is filled with pool, music, football.

About.: During all period of rehabilitation in the Center the permanent job with parents is conducted. The responsibility for mental health of the child when it(he) will leave(abandon) the Center is assigned to parents. To them give detailed recommendations for the further individual work with the child.

As to direct time of using a computer after treatment it is limited: no more than 2 hours per day depending on age.

We have found as a whole with the Chinese experts the general(common) world outlook approaches. For example, both and for them it is obvious to us, that the western youth subculture (for example, in appearance — colouring of hair by unnatural colors(flowers), bright clothes), goes counter with education in the patriarchal family traditions, directed on modesty and chastity.

And the Chinese colleagues very much were delighted, when we spoke about it(this).

Pеабилитационный experience of Russian
Colleagues were caused with alive interest
At the Chinese psychologists

The contract about cooperation is signed

New old monument

— What impression of China and Chineses at you has developed as a whole?

O.Diomid: I wish to tell, that it is not necessary to be afraid of China, on the contrary, it is necessary to search with it(him) for contacts. Problems can be only in the event that we with them shall not communicate, work and we shall not find common language. It is necessary to not resist to them and to not arrange confrontation, and to approach for them our culture, Orthodoxy. Yes, it is other civilization, other outlook.

But it is a civilization which tries to understand others. Thus they are very plastic and ready to accept your views. At they be they not idealists, and pragmatists. But we too can approach(suit) to them from the pragmatical point of view. Time they want, proceeding from pragmatical problems(tasks), to master our ideological, cultural and human space (and now in China openly more than ten centres of science of studying of christianity), we to them should approach(suit) in the same way. Well, accustom to Russia, but thus assimilate, accept Orthodoxy, become respectable Christians.

Lyudmila Gordeyev: At first sight, Chineses are teenagers till an old age. Their school of values is formed on the basis of simple principles of public morals — unlike orthodox tradition which gives the profound concept of goods and a harm and stimulates the person to search of true. It is very important to us to define(determine), that we can offer them. I speak about creativity, ability to generate ideas, about useful ideas. Chineses, in turn, very good executors. Connect two these things the bridge of goodwill, vzaimouvazheniya, sincere interest, and will manage a successful tandem. In fact Russia by way of ideas can give China much, to us here is more given. We have a problem of realization of ideas.

They, as teenagers, are plastic, ready to change of installations. Our psychologists are similar with them that we and at them at all did not have an experience of practical psychology. Speaking about cooperation, we have agreed about mutual aid.

About.: We have signed with Clinic the report on cooperation — on an exchange of experts in training treatment of game dependence, our Chinese colleagues liked idea of joint practical training. We can train in our technique in current of half a year of one your employee , — they spoke.

.: the Father with such picturesque kind caused in the street genuine interest. Many looked back to it(him) following, because about. Diomid went across Pekin in podryasnike, it was unusual to them. From it(him) the love and goodwill proceeded. And all kind it(he) as though spoke — yes, Russia greater(big) and strong country, but from it(her) proceeds nobody threat.

About.: But thus we imposed nobody the belief. Seeing on me svyashchennichesky a cross, officials and policemen us did not ask anything. And people in the street asked, stopped. At us perevodchitsa at all did not maintain, so it is a lot of attention we involved in itself in the street.

The some people were christened, looking at a cross. Once the woman has approached(suited) to us and tychet a finger in a cross: Esu, Esu! . That is knows, Who it.

In general, in the sermon of Orthodoxy in China we need to lean(base) and on Russian diaspora, only in Pekin lives up to 3 thousand Russian. Many of them are engaged in trade. In China the local population to us is very benevolently adjusted(very benevolently set up).

In my opinion, from Chineses threat even by virtue of their national temperament cannot proceed. Their peaceful disposition is known. They never threatened nobody. Recollect, that they have constructed the Great Chinese wall for protection of against barbarians. Important it is the nobility.

— And amusing you have noticed something on your travel to China?

.: On a pediment of an imperial palace the slogan Long live the Peoples Republic of China hangs! . And under it(him) portrait Mao TSzeduna. We ask, as so: it(he) svergnul emperor. And they to us: Mao was the great person though has done mistakes(errors). But anything terrible. All of us them we shall correct. Mistakes(errors) do not belittle its(his) greatness. It(he) has created a new epoch .

About.: Chineses have such amusing national feature: if something stirs(prevents), it is completely destroyed, and then restored anew on a new place. For example, there is a monument in that place where have decided to clear the way. The monument communicates also beside under construction absolutely same. It would Seem, what for to destroy, in fact it(he) could be transferred(carried)? But is not present. Thus, showing on a new monument, speak, that it is that, ancient.

Alexey REUTSKY has written down

Participants of a trip to China express hot gratitude to Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Chinese National Republic and personally to the ambassador of Russia in China to Sergey Sergeevichu Razovu for helped.