Русский | May 27, 2005
Lectures of the famous Orthodox
Philosopher S.S. Horujy have completed in China
English Machine Translation

Known Orthodox philosopher S.S.Horujy, Director of Moscow Institute Sinergijnoj of Anthropology, under the invitation of Institute of eeoaenei-Christian researches (Hong Kong) has visited China, prchitav 18 - on May, 26th with. A number of lectures in leaders Universitetetah of Beijing and in a number of educational and research institutions of Hong Kong. S.S.Horujy is known as the translator, the commentator of works of modern western philosophers, and also the author of some clauses and books to which treasures svjatootecheskoj are presented to an Orthodox idea and spiritual tradition as phenomena of philosophy and are described by language of modern psychology and cultural science.

In the lecture " Russian spiritual tradtsitsija: sobornosti and askezy " S.S.Horujy has opened unity before listeners of feature of Russian religious type of the consciousness which have rendered serious influence on formation of Russian religious idea. In the same lecture prof. Horujy has emphasized deep svja and preemstvo Russian religious idea with spiritual practice of " clever making ".

In lecture " Christian anthropology and east-i?aaineaaie (isihastsky) ascetism " prof. Horujy has shined themes of spiritual tradition from this point of view modern philosophy. Such perusal and a statement of Orthodox spiritual tradition can give today exhaustive answers to questions on the reasons of crisis of the modern person, and also to plan ways of overcoming of this crisis both in aspect personal, and by way of society. The theme having both academic, and the applied value, has caused the big interest of an audience.

Lecture " the Spiritual practice as an anthropological paradigm: universal and traditional structures " it has been devoted to a theme of the general and private in spiritual praktikkah. Komparativistsky character of a discussed problematics the expert in human life, influence of spiritual practice on formation of religious traditions has caused alive discussion about a place spiritual.

The Most urgent in the environment of modern scientific community of China a theme of the conflict and dialogue of traditions has been presented to lectures " Philosophy and anthropology of globalization ". Alive discussion upon termination of this lecture has been devoted to discussion of problems of dialogue of traditions, the description of existing models of this dialogue, conversation on their efficiency or futility as a result of the chosen rate.

The Theme about Russian religious religious idea has been considered by the deepest image in lecture " Russian philosophy and Russian dhovnost: harmony or the conflict? ". prof. Horujy has described ways of becoming of Russian religious idea, the sources which have defined directions of its development, has presented the cores of ideas of Russian religious philosophy, having described them from the point of view of modern Orthodox divinity and spiritual tradition of Russian religious life.

Presented to China and Hong Kong the lectures which have been read through in Russian and English languages, indoubtedly, will serve as an impulse to studying Orthodoxy by the academic circles of China. At the same time already it is now obvious, that interest to discussed themes will not be limited to scientific circles, but will have much wider character, specifying on a way pravoslavnj spiritual tradition as for a true and saving image of life of the person in the modern world - as in Russia and the countries of traditional Orthodox orientation, and in China.

Priest Dionisy Pozdnjaev