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The exact burial place of
the Alapayevsk martyrs is established
English Translation by Nina Tkachuk Dimas

Now it's up to the authorities: church and secular

From the editorial staff: "Russkaya Linia" ("Russian Line") has already written about the fate of the Alapayevsk martyrs. Dimitriy Napara from Beijing, who has long been looking into this matter, sent us a unique document: a report about search operations on the final resting-place of the martyred members of the House of Romanov. A study confirms the earlier version about the burial place. Enthusiasts-researchers have had their say. Now action in needed on the part of the authorities - church and secular. It is symbolic that this material is being published on a day memorable to monarchists - "the bright day of the 6th of May, the Tsar's birthday" - as the poet said.

REPORT on search operations on the territory of the Embassy of Russia in the PRC, in Beijing, (former territory of the Russian Spiritual Mission in China.

In the period from February 22-25, 2005, on the territory of the former Russian Spiritual Mission in China (presently the territory of the Russian Federation in the PRC), by authorization and invitation of the Russian Federation Ambassador to the PRC, I.A. Rogachev; through the efforts of the expedition leader and organizer, Boris Gennadyevich Aleksandrov, St. Petersburgh, grandnephew of Metropolitan Victor (Svyatin), the head of the last, XX Russian Spiritual Mission in China (hereinafter the RSMC); the archeologist Andrey Gervasiyevich Vasilyev (Moscow); the chief specialist Sergei Vitalyevich Merkulov (Ministry of Culture of Stavropol territory, "Nasledie" ("Heritage"), a search was carried out to find the foundation of the Temple of All the Holy Martyrs, the presumed last secret burial place of the graves containing the remains of the victims of the Alapayevsk murder. Research was conducted using geo-radar. (Geo-radar, is a device, which permits locating and distinguish objects 50 meters deep below the earth's surface without digging [for greater detail, see:]). All study results, copies of unique maps of the RSMC, other documents on the completion of the works were given to associates of the Russian Embassy in the PRC, in Beijing.

Results and conclusions:

  1. Determined the location of the foundation of the Temple of All the Holy Martyrs, destroyed in 1957 after the property of the RSMC was transferred to USSR authorities. The Temple had been built in 1903-1906, on the very foundation of the RSMC church destroyed during the Yihetuan uprising, (the so-called "Boxer Rebellion" in 1900). Earlier it was erroneously assumed that the temple's foundation was located directly under the Embassy's children's playground; however, in reality it is located 10 meters to the northeast of it. Characteristics of the temple's destruction show that in 1957 it was literally "turned to powder".
English Machine Translation follows:

2. Inside of a temple of All sacred martyrs in its western part right pridela (pridel Simona Zilota) on depth of 1 meter is available a square platform in the sizes 3 on 3 meters. Under a platform - the "dead" zone which is "not readable" by a georadar. We assume, that this place of the last - secret - burial places Alapaevskih of Martyrs which has been carried out in April, 1947 the Site of a hole and its sizes in accuracy correspond to the description of a place of a secret burial place alapaevskih martyrs under S.Fomina's version (see Appendix N2).

3. Along all right pridela inside of the base on one axis (besides the specified hole) there are two more similar rectangular object of the smaller area. We assume, that it is places of a burial place of archbishop Simona (Vinogradova) and metropolitan Innokentija (Figurovskogo) - chiefs XVIII and XIX RDMK, accordingly.

4. In east part left pridela a temple (pokrovsky pridel) also there is a similar object - a hole. A plenty of splinters of stones of the various form is looked through. We assume, that this place of a burial place of archimandrite Nafanaila, treasurer RDMK, pochivshego in November, 1942

5. In altarnoj parts of a temple the greater hole, by depth of 2 meters is looked through. We assume, that this place of an initial burial place moshchej 222 Chinese martyrs, however, probably, it voronka from the explosion which has destroyed a temple in 1957 significant volumes of the ground mixed with fragments of stones Are looked through.

6. Outside of a temple, in 8 meters to the south from its southern wall, there is a characteristic trench, length about 13 meters. The trench has the precise form and reminds a line from the several coffins dug in a direction the West-east. In our opinion, it there can be coffins (them was six: greater white marble) with moshchami the Chinese martyrs, perezahoronennye outside of a temple in the beginning of 50th years before its destruction.

7. Outside of a temple in 5 meters from its southern wall there is an object in the size 2 on 2 meters and depth of 1,5 m. Presumably - the rests of a tomb of D.L.Horvata, 1937a.

At carrying out of search works and the analysis of the received results besides numerous oral certificates of persons, long time lived in territory RDMK and repeatedly happened in a temple, the group had following documents (names of originals are kept):

1. The card of the Beijing Spiritual Mission as of 1884, is made ieromonahom by Alex (Alexander Nikolaevich Vinogradov, 1845-1919).
2. The general plan of Russian Orthodox Mission in Beijing (from P.Pashkevicha's book).
3. The plan of possession of the Mission, made personally archbishop Victor, the chief of last XX Mission.
4. An aerial photograph of territory of the Mission, made in the end of 30th of a century XX.
5. Numerous professional and amateur pictures of a temple of All sacred martyrs.
6. Raritetnoe the edition "Bejguan", M.V.Kolobov, Tjantszin, 1939a.
7. A note ieromonaha Nikodima, in details describing a secret burial place of coffins Alapaevskih of martyrs in April, 1947 of the USA. Dzhordzhanvil, 1951 (On S.Fomina's materials.)
8. Personal archive of metropolitan Victor (Svjatina).
9. Magazines " Chinese Blagovestnik " for 1905-1947 g.g. - periodical RDMK.
The head of expedition, the candidate fiz.-iao. B.G.Aleksandrov's sciences
April, 2005

The report and a number of documents, including the color diagram of the scanned site, are transferred on April, 15th, 2005 to audiences on the given question to Vysokopreosvjashchennejshemu Cyril, metropolitan Smolensk and Kaliningrad, to chief OVTSS MT.


The preliminary analysis of objects on the investigated area.
Northeast from a children's playground, to the south besedki.
Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Peoples Republic of China. A georadar " the Rod - In ". 22 - on February, 25th, 2005

Fig. 1. A three-dimensional kind of the investigated area. Along a southern wall of a temple on distance of 10 meters from it goes long (more than 15 meters) a trench. The southern wall of the base here is badly looked through.

Fig. 2a. Georadar section the east - the West. 17 structure, 8i. On the right cut the rectangular object is clearly visible. Structures are made through 1 meter from a reference point on the south.

Fig. 2a. Georadar section the east - the West. 18 structure, 8i. Structures are made through 1 meter from a reference point on the south. The object of the precise rectangular form is clearly visible.

Fig. 2a. Georadar section the east - the West. 19 structure, 8i. Structures are made through 1 meter from a reference point on the south.

Fig. 3. An investigated site. A kind with top. Depth 78 see


Sergey Fomin, Zvenigorod
On January, 10th, 2005

(The extracts, the full text of clause see here)

Soon after arrival in Beijing of bodies Alapayevsk martyrs about all circumstances of their transportation have learned the brother and sisters of Great Princess Elisavety Feodorovny. " When princess Victoria Feodorovna, - hegumen Serafim wrote, - has learned about death of the Most august sister of Great Princess Elizabeth Feodorovny has wished to transport its body together with a coffin poslushnitsy Barbarians to Jerusalem. Victoria Feodorovna asked me to accompany with coffins ". Princess Victoria informed the brother, Great duke Giessen-Aa?iooaaoneiio to Ernest-Ludwig on December, 31st 1920 g.: " One good hegumen Serafimo-Alekseevskogo of a monastery of the Perm diocese, father Serafim, accompanies with coffins to Jerusalem. It was entrusted to it to supervise over general Diterihsom their transferring from a cathedral in Alapaevsk where they were until the White army should not be evacuated from this area. And it any more did not leave them since then. They have moved from Alapaevsk in July, 1919 and after many obstacles have reached Beijing in April, 1920. Really, devoted person... " . In eight months after time rest under the canopy of a temple of the Chinese martyrs, owing to efforts of princess of Victoria, coffins of Great Princess Elisavety Feodorovny and inokini Barbarians on November, 17/30th, 1920 have been sent from Beijing in Tjantszin, whence on November, 18th by steamship to Shanghai. After arrival on November, 21st to Shanghai on December, 2/15nd them have sent by sea further. All this time at moshchah hegumen Serafim, novices Maxim Kanunnikov and Serafim Gnevashev, a member of court of inquiry of A.P.Kulikov continually stayed. In 1981 Russian Orthodox Church Abroad has glorified Novomuchenikov Russian and among them Great Princess Elisavetu Feodorovnu and inokinju to the Barbarian. The celebration of glorification occured on October, 31st and on November, 1st, 1981 in the Synod cathedral of Sign Bozhiej of Mother in New York. Eleven years later, in 1992 Arhierejsky the Cathedral of Russian Orthodox Church (on March, 31st - on April, 4th) has glorified Great Princess Elisavetu Feodorovnu and inokinju to the Barbarian in a face sacred prepodobnomuchenits.

" 6 coffins which have remained in Beijing, at the certificate, - informed in the report about. Serafim, - I have handed over to the chief of mission to bishop Innokentiju under its direct supervision and have handed over to it keys from a crypt. Besides this personally asked the Chinese president to have care about them which has given the consent ". A grave of the Most august martyrs during that time the correspondent harbinskoj newspapers "Dawn" Here is how described: " Beyond Beijing, in verst from a city wall, there is the orthodox cemetery enclosed by a high wall. In sredine cemeteries small church. Inside of church, in sredine it, the open hatch. Above it a greater unextinguishable icon lamp. The ladder downwards conducts. Further a trellised door, for which round crypt vysotoju in growth of the person. Bodies of Grand dukes there are based. [...] In a crypt in two circles six coffins cost. Two places are empty. Some time ago here there were coffins Conducted. Kn. Elizabeths Feodorovny and its lady's maids [kelejnitsy]. Now their bodies are taken away to Palestin. In one of walls - a niche, in it an icon with a unextinguishable silver icon lamp - gift harbinskogo a mug of gunners. On the right - the big silver wreath from Russian group of armies shandunskoj armies. On a cover of a coffin of John Konstantinovicha other wreath with national tapes lays. It is gift of Russian armies chzhantszuchanovskoj armies. Old coffins of Grand dukes - simple iron boxes. Iron in many places has rusted. Portraits on coffins Conducted. Kn. Sergey Mihajlovicha and John Konstantinovicha have half decayed. On all coffins simple copper plates with names usopshih. On a coffin kn. Palej the erased inscription. Words " are visible only... From mum " ".

After rest Alapaevskih of martyrs in a crypt at kladbishchenskom temple Prep. Serafima and moshchej Great Princess Elisavety Feodorovny and inokini Barbarians to the Sacred Earth about them almost all have forgotten transportations. In 1938, in connection with threat of the begun occupation by Japan of China, body Alapaevskih of martyrs have been transferred from Piously-na?aoeiianeie kladbishchenskoj churches to a crypt at a temple in the name of All Sacred, from a century to the God pleased, on a grave of fair remains of orthodox Chinese martyrs for the Christ ubiennyh during so-called boxing mutiny of 1900, was directly within the precincts of Spiritual mission. In the same crypt, by the way, was pogrebeno a body of metropolitan Innokentija (Figurovskogo), so a lot of made for perpetuating memory Chinese and Alapaevskih martyrs.

And, perhaps, key, for today the document on a theme interesting us the note " Alapaevskie martyrs ", signed ieromonahom Nikolay is final. This three-page typewritten unique document was kept in archive Knjazhny of Belief Konstantinovny (1906S2001), the most younger child in family Conducted. Kn. Konstantin Konstantinovicha also Conducted. Kn. Elizabeths Mavrikievny, sisters of three Alapaevskih Martyrs. It has died near New York, where a vein in house Tolstovskogo of fund, for all long life and not having accepted nobody's citizenship. After a while after its death the part of archive Knjazhny of Belief has been found out among boxes with the humanitarian help, received by one of the Moscow temples. Behind papers those to whom they intended should come. But so anybody also has not come...

Here this document which we for the first time inform completely without what or withdrawals:
" I on February, 4th, 1937 have arrived to the Russian Spiritual Mission in China, to] Beijing. Mission borrows in a northeast corner of city walls a site of the ground 12 desjatin, with fields and park. Among park there is a two-storeyed temple. Below three churches: in sredine - in honour of all sacred martyrs and in memory of orthodox Chineses, ubiennyh the flown into a rage boxers in 1900. To the right - in honour of over apostle Simona Zilota, on the left - in honour of the Cover of Tsarina Heavenly. Above a temple of prelate Nikolay, Mirlikijskogo chudotvortsa. In 1900 have dug out a deep well, have collected all bodies of the martyrs-Chineses killed by boxers and have combined in this well on eternal rest. Above this well nowadays a sacred Altar of a temple over martyrs. This temple - a crypt on 50 person. Walls of a temple of thickness of three arshins, and a ceiling vaulted, an arch. Level with a floor, on three windows on both parties, vysotoju and shirinoju five quarters, approximately. Outside - iron lattices. In these windows-niches there were five zinc, brown color, the coffins covered by black velvet covers, with greater white brushes. On walls, against each coffin there were copper boards, the size 5o6 inches, with inscriptions:

" Its Imperial Highnes, Grand duke Sergy Mihajlovich ".
" Its Imperial Highnes, Grand duke John Konstantinovich ".
" Its Imperial Highnes, Grand duke Konstantin Konstantinovich ".
" Its Imperial Highnes, Grand duke Igor Konstantinovich ".
" Columns Vladimir Pavlovich Palej ".

On April, 3-rdrd, 1920 from Harbin there have arrived to Beijing eight coffins. Before my arrival to Beijing remains of the Great Princess Elizabeth Feodorovny was nastojatelnitsy of the ia?oi-Mariinsky monastery in Moscow, and sisters Barbarians JAkovlevoj have been taken away to Jerusalem, and remains Feodora Semenovicha Remeza pogrebeny at the right wall of a temple Saint Serafima, Sarovsky chudotvortsa, on a cemetery of Mission, in a floor, one and a half verst from a city gate. The most august Family of Emperor and all from the Sort Imperial ubiennye, leaders and soldiers, for Belief, Tsar and Fatherland the stomach put, have been written down in diptihi and remembered their names on proskomidijah, doleful ektenijah and requiems. All five coffins with remains of martyrs were from thin zinc and on them there were many holes. Cares of emigrant committees have been ordered and made by masters-Chineses in Tjantszine new five coffins of thick zinc, on beautiful copper legs. Grigory Mihajlovich Kepping observed of a hand-made article of coffins, it and has brought them to Beijing. In the beginning of October, 1943 to Mission there have arrived delegates of emigrant committees: Beijing, Tjantszina, Shanghai, militarians and public organizations and two doctors - doctor Sviridov, the surgeon, 72 years, the senior doctor of emigrant hospital in Tjantszine and doctor I.H.Bril, 48 years, lived it in Mission. The Commission in structure of 12 person was formed. All necessary has been prepared in the Cathedral. Have brought also coffins of martyrs. Them took out on one and put on a wide long table; doctors, military experts and all members of the Commission very closely examined bodies, defined and considered wounds of fire-arms and shtykovye, krovopodteki and bruises, washed remains, changed clothes for all new, all in details wrote down in the Certificate and put in new coffins and zapajavali them very carefully. Bodies of all martyrs have not been damaged by decay. Any smell from them was not and on clothes there was no mould though they have lain 25 years, and some years in holey coffins. In a coffin of Prince Igor Konstantinovicha have found a forget-me-not, it was fresh, as though only is broken in a floor. The leather at all bodies has a little darkened and was as color of dry wheaten grain that happens from a wind and sunburn on the sun. I do not remember at whom a back has darkened, than at the others, from water in a well where they have been dumped by red humanoid animals more, however the leather was dense. Imperishable bodies without any smell and the kept forget-me-not within 25 years is preslavnoe a miracle of Craft Bozhija and the instruction to us, guilty, that - martyrs the Lord has accepted sacred showers of the slaves in light Heavenly Monasteries on eternal pleasure with Angels and all Its sacred Flatterers. A cathedral oblong, rather narrow, "ship", windows it is low from the ground. Outside it was possible to see, that occurs in a temple, therefore orthodox with awe looked at a rearrangement of martyrs, were surprised, be touched and cried, seeing miracle Bozhie in reality. Long eyewitnesses of miracle Bozhija recollected, told the experiences and impressions about everything, that saw in those hours per the Cathedral. Upon termination of works of the Commission archbishop Victor has served requiem on martyrs, then coffins have again carried away all in a temple of sacred martyrs and have put in niches on old places and have covered with black coverlets ".

In one of disturbing evenings archbishop Victor, Beijing and Chinese, it is good me known, has called for itself and has given me honourable and rather the responsible mission: " In view of possible arrival of the Soviet armies to hide coffins with Great Knjazjami ". It has been solved: four coffins to transfer to the bottom temple and to lower in ready cells under a floor which bottom was the ground on which there was a temple. Coffins with kn. Palej and Remezom to leave on former places. Carry to make the nearest dark night and to keep all as fiduciary. Prince John to put in an altar to the left from the Throne, as accepted a dignity diakona before death. To the right from the Throne were based: metropolitan Innokenty and archbishop Simon. In a temple along the left wall in its all length there are three cells: in the first there was a coffin with ashes of archimandrite Nafanaila, in the second to put Conducted. Kn. Sergija, in the third Princes Konstantin and Igor together beside. For support of coffins the Lord has appointed hegumen Michael, and for carry ieromonaha Serafima. I am obliged to find four true military grades that together with me, the sixth, could lift heavy coffins. For the morning the Lord with me has examined the bottom temple, have checked up a floor and I have planned a way for procession. At night since Monday of 20-th on Tuesday on August, 21st, 1945 at a temple of All Martyrs have gathered: hegumen Michael, ieromonah Serafim (in ii?o colonel Klimovskih), colonel Shajditsky, two officers: F.I. And M.I., two soldiers: L.M. And Princes Konstantin and Igor we with fear and a pain in heart have put G.A.coffin beside, on an edge but so that persons of brothers looked against each other - the width of a cell did not contain everyone.

However, as it has appeared, described perezahoronenie was not final. We shall continue the interrupted citing a note ieromonaha Nikolay (speech in it goes already about events of 1947): " On the request of deputy Uspenskogo of a monastery at Mission of archimandrite Gabriel, the chief of Mission, archbishop Victor (veins then in Shanghai) has sent blessing to bury coffins of the Most august Martyrs in a temple [pridele] apostle Simona Zilota, that from the right party of a temple of all sacred martyrs. In the western part of a temple have dug the general tomb for all five coffins: two arshins the depth, four length and four arshins width. In a tomb two walls the letter "t" both have combined all tomb and walls have filled in with cement and have put coffins in such order:
1 - Prince V.P.Palej
2 - Prince Igor Konstantinovich
3 - Prince Konstantin Konstantinovich
4 - Prince John Konstantinovich
5 - Conducted. Kn. Sergy Mihajlovich

And on all coffins of Princes are put copper boards, everyone on the coffin. A tomb have covered with stone plates - 4 arshins of length? Arshins of width and 3 vershoks of thickness approximately. Plates have covered with sand and have cemented; from above have put artificial plates 8o8 vershoks by which all floor of a temple is laid out, and have filled in, have connected cement. No external attributes of a tomb in a temple are present. A spadework conducted also burial made: archimandrite Gabriel and ieromonah Nikolay, in second half of April, 1947 with Chineses from the contractor. All work was lead by two, silently, without publicity, cautiously, explained it repair of a temple. In June, 1947 the chief of Mission archbishop Victor has arrived from Shanghai to Mission and has disposed the Most august Family of Sovereign and all ubiennyh and umuchennyh bolsheviks from the Sort Imperial to delete from diptiha and never to remember Them on proskomidijah, doleful ektenijah and requiems. Eternal memory sacred Alapaevskim to martyrs. Thank God for all. Ieromonah NIKOLAJ
On November, 15th, 1954.
Monastery of the Sacred Trinity.
P. S. A member of the Commission I was not, and on a post (riznichy) all has been obliged to prepare for Missions for employment of the Commission and to store the order in the Cathedral.
I.N. "

To secret of this last burial place it has appeared prelate John Shanghai is involved. In the letter from June, 6th, 1990 to bishop Manhettenskomu Ilarionu (Corporal) t.k.bagration-ioo?aineee (1912S1992), the son of Princess Tatyana Konstantinovny (the sister of three Alapaevskih martyrs), ciiauae: "... The Late lord John Shanhajsky told to mother Tamara, that when we left Beijing and should take Beijing red coffins in a temple have been lowered under the ground and are covered by cement that them could not find ".

In 1945 the temple of Sacred Martyrs has departed to Russian Orthodox Church. In 1954 it has been closed. The site of Russian ground has been borrowed by the Soviet embassy. In 1957 under the order of the ambassador of the USSR in the Peoples Republic of China P.F.Judina (1899-1968), the extreme dogmatic person-ia?enenoa, a temple has been taken down, and on its place the children's playground and other constructions of embassy was placed. Also the belltower has been destroyed, Uspensky the temple is transformed into ambassadorial garage, Piously-eiiieaiouaaneay church - in a hall for receptions and hotel, a vestry - in a consular department. The richest assembly of books is burnt.

Temple prep. Serafima has been destroyed in 1986.

On a place of a cemetery there was a park of Lake of youth about which third borrows an artificial reservoir.

Absence of any data about moshchah Alapaevskih martyrs rather eloquently. Any announcement of them to the Soviet diplomats in the end of 1950th years and later would mean, first, violation of them, and, secondly, their immediate destruction. That is why there is a hope for their finding there where they in due time with greater precautions have been covered, on a place of a temple of All sacred martyrs in territory of present embassy of Russia in China.