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Votserkovleniye: On becoming one with the Church

Archpriest A. Torik
trans. by Tamara Jin

Script: Simplified Chinese
Publisher: Brotherhood of SS Peter & Paul, Hong Kong / OFASC
Date: December 2011
Format/Pages: Softcover/96 pp
ISBN: 9789881762696
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Price: $6.99 USD (45 RMB; 55 HKD)


Fr Alexander Torik's Russian book Воцерковление (Votserkovleniye) is now available in the Chinese language in order to answer many questions raised by one standing in front of the open gates of the church. There is wisdom in the well-known proverb: "To whomever the Church is not Mother - God is not Father." This book will help the reader grasp the entire truth of these words, by answering such questions as: What is the Church? What is the meaning of her existence? Why is it necessary to have her intervention in associating with God?

OFASC Theological Review

This Chinese translation has been reviewed and approved by the OFASC Commission on Translation.