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Missionary Leaflets - Vol. 2

Bishop Alexander (Mileant)

Script: English - Simplified Chinese
Publisher: Brotherhood of SS Peter & Paul, Hong Kong / OFASC
Date: August 2009
Format/Pages: Softcover/174 pp
ISBN: 9789881762634
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Price: $9.99 USD (69 RMB; 78 HKD)


This bilingual English-Chinese compilation of Missionary Leaflets covers the topics of On the Island of Lepers as an analogy of our human condition in different stages of recovery and At the threshold of Fiery Gehenna: Teachings of the Orthodox Church concerning Evil Spirits and God's Judgment over Them.

OFASC Theological Review

This Chinese translation has been reviewed and approved by the OFASC Commission on Translation. The Commission on Translation also recently issued a Corrigenda sheet to correct the theological inaccuracy of the original Chinese translation of

O Lord God of our salvation, Son of the Living God, Who is borne by the Cherubim

where the original Chinese translation misinterpreted borne as being born by the Cherubim, whereas the revised translation now accurately reflect the meaning of to be carried by the Cherubim. Please print and insert Corrigenda sheet into your existing Green missionary leaflets books that you may have received or before you redistribute.