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The Ascension of our Lord
May 17, 2007


For more information about the Orthodox Fellowship of All Saints of China, visit http://orthodox.cn/ofasc/index_en.html or contact OFASC President, Nelson Mitrophan Chin at mitrophan@orthodox.cn

Holy Assumption raised $1,158 for Chinese Translation Project

On April 20, 2007, the Chinese Translation Project has received a generous check for $1,158 from the parish council and parishioners of the Holy Assumption Orthodox Church in Canton, Ohio. Holy Assumption, whose rector is the Rev. Fr. John Peck, is a small parish of the Orthodox Church in America.

The Chinese Translation Project currently receives its oversight from the Orthodox Fellowship of All Saints of China (OFASC), a new pan-Orthodox 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, with an international Board of Trustees and Advisory board. Holy Assumption is also the home parish of Fr. Dn. James Gresh, who is currently working in a secular position in China and is an active member of the OFASC Advisory board.

The funding and prayers will assist in implementing the translation and proofreading processes under the oversight of the OFASC-appointed Commission on Translation, which will provide a consistent high level of quality and uniformity to all Orthodox text translations that passes through its review to be publication ready.

For more details about the Holy Assumption parish and their various ministries that have both local and worldwide impact, including the Incarnation Broadcast Network, please visit http://www.HolyAssumption.net