Русский | DECR Communication Service| November 25, 2010
English translation by Katherine Ilachinski

The book "Orthodoxy in China" awarded to senior officials of China

On November 22, 2010, in St. Petersburg was hosted the XI session of the intergovernmental Russian-Chinese committee on humanitarian cooperation. Commission meeting held in the framework of an official visit of Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council of the People's Republic of China to Russia. The meeting was attended by member of the DECR D.I. Petrovsky.

On November 23, 2010, Russian Prime Minister V. V. Putin gave Premier Wen Jiabao as a gift album, "Orthodoxy in China." This publication was prepared by the Department for External Church Relations, in cooperation with the Institute for Far Eastern Studies, and with the support of the Russian-Chinese Business Council and the "Gruppa-SINTEZ" company. Edition of the book is dedicated to 325 anniversary of the Orthodox presence in China.

"Orthodoxy in China" is a scientific publication in the Russian and Chinese languages with rich illustrative material, published on high polygraph level. The book tells about the development of cultural, economic and political ties between the two brotherly peoples, the long history of Orthodoxy in China, and the contribution that the Russian Orthodox Church has made in establishing and developing good-neighborly relations between Russia and China. Similar publications contribute to the preservation of traditional cultural values and dialogue of world cultures.

On November 24, 2010, Chairman of the Russian part of Russian-Chinese Committee on Humanitarian Cooperation, the Deputy Prime Minister A. D. Zhukov has handed a specially prepared copy of the book "Orthodoxy in China," to the chairman of the Chinese part of the Commission, Madame Liu Yandong, State Councilor of the People's Republic of China, during the reception given in her honor. The reception was attended by fellow DECR D. I. Petrovsky.