Русский | DECR Communication Service | October 28, 2009

Holy Trinity Parish in Ulan-Bator publishes booklets on Orthodox faith in Mongolian

The first booklet in Mongolian in the series 'The Path of Orthodoxy: Everyone Can Become a Saint' has come out, Rev. Alexiy Trubach, rector of the Parish of the Holy Trinity in Ulan-Bator, has reported to the DECR Communication Service.

This educational series has been written by Yu. Maximov, a well-known researcher of religion and lecturer at the Moscow Theological Academy. He has admitted that this catechesis was written with a missionary purpose to preach the gospel to peoples raised in Buddhist traditions and therefore to the people of Mongolia.

The first booklet is devoted the questions: what brings suffering, who has established physical and spiritual laws and what are the ways of our Creator? I total, it is planned to publish 15 booklets.