Русский | Orthodox Church in Thailand (Moscow Patriarchate) | March 13, 2009
English translation by Liubov Afonina

Preparation of the ground for the construction of a temple in Pattaya

In the photo: preparing the site for
the construction of the Orthodox Church
in the name of All Saints in Pattaya
(Chonburi Province).

Preparatory ground work for the construction of a temple in the name of All Saints in Pattaya (Chonburi Province) has been started. The previous day the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) in Thailand Hegumen Oleg (Cherepanin) and the Chairman of the Orthodox Church Foundation in Thailand Deacon Daniel Wanna visited the city of Pattaya, and held a series of consultations in the city administration regarding the upcoming construction. They had to get the approval of the Committee for Nature Conservation in order to cut down several large trees that grew up on the site acquired by the Orthodox Church in Thailand, as well as to clarify the boundaries of the site in accordance with chanotom (certificate of land ownership), because a part of the site had been illegally used by some local residents as a car park. The problem was solved within the space of a few minutes in favor of the Orthodox Church in Thailand, and then in accordance with police regulations parking was immediately moved.

After the settlement of all the controversial points, Deacon Daniel Wanna has signed a ground works contract. It was planned to complete these works within a week. The monitoring of the ground works process and the exact execution of the contract was set to a member of the Parish Council of All Saints parish the city of Pattaya Mr. Chirayuta Phansanthita, an Orthodox Thai, who received Holy Baptism seven years ago. The next step of the construction of the Orthodox temple in Pattaya will be the discussion and the approval of the architectural design of the temple and the accompanying technical documents, and then the erection of the temple can be started. Hegumen Oleg (Cherepanin) once again addressed the flock, urging everybody to join their best efforts for this holy endeavor.