Русский | January 7, 2008
Tatyana Manakov


English Machine Translation

In capital of China, in territory of Embassy of the Russian Federation, have taken place solemn divine services in honour of a great holiday of Nativity of Christ.

More than 100 Orthodox believers have gathered in christmas night for a celebratory Divine liturgy within the precincts of ancient construction of Russian Spiritual Mission – Red Fangzi. Holy Dormition Orthodox community of city of Beijing – the most numerous in China. Not only the Russian compatriots, but also citizens of Ukraine, Belarus, Greece, France, the USA and Romania here come to pray. On service there have arrived believers from Beijing and other cities of China.

Christmas services archpriest Dionisy Pozdnyaev, the teacher of the Moscow Spiritual academy Hieromonk Melety (Sokolov) in sosluzhenii diakona – have lead the prior of a temple of sacred apostles Peter and Paul in Hong Kong the clergyman of the Russian Foreign Church who have arrived from Australia. After night divine service the Christmas message of the Most holy Patriarch Moscow and vseya has been read to Russia Alex.

By a holiday of Nativity of Christ in Red Fangzi where divine services are spent, the cypress iconostasis has been established(installed). It became the present(true) spiritual gift to a community of Orthodox believers. After a writing of all icons (icons are now written in Moscow) it will be possible to speak about a full reconstruction of the church interior so necessary for fulfilment of divine services.

By already developed tradition in the afternoon on January 7th in a building of club of the Russian Embassy forces of Sunday school of an Orthodox community of Beijing there has passed(there has taken place) the Christmas fur-tree.

Celebratory christmas services have taken place and in other cities of China - Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.