Русский | Diocese of Vladivostok | December 20, 2007
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In the Orthodox gymnasium continue to study the Chinese language

Vladivostok.The public meeting on the contribution of the Russian Orthodox Church in the study of Chinese language, was held December 19 in the city of Vladivostok the Orthodox gymnasium. The event produced a team of educators and students through the completion of the gymnasium Year of China in Russia.

Teachers and pupils Gymnasium since the beginning of the school year started to familiarize themselves with the culture of China, through the exploitation of Chinese under the guidance of an experienced educator, dean of the Institute kitaevedeniya FESTU Alexander Sokolovsky.

The meeting took place in a grammar school classrooms. It was attended by Director of the Orthodox gymnasium Lydia Titova, teachers and pupils Gymnasium. Delivered introductory remarks, Dean of the Institute kitaevedeniya Alexander Sokolovsky invited children to demonstrate from the beginning of the school year knowledge of the Chinese language. Guys read and translated proposed teacher characters were simple words of the proposal, among which were: "Russia and China-long friends", "Russian Church is the best", etc. Students Gymnasium produced interesting reports and performing sketches on the theme kitaevedeniya . The student has 11 Class Igor Chaban made a presentation on the activities of a distinguished kitaeveda Archimandrite Iakinfa (Bichurina). Anna Sibirina and Yevgeny Fedutinova reported on the history of the Orthodox Church in China. Also pupils was presented short theatrical sketches - Chinese dialogue, showing a friendly voice etiquette. This was followed by a quiz on the traditions and culture of China.

Concluding the event, Alexander Sokolovsky said: "Outstanding contribution to the study of Russian churches of China and the Chinese language is that it has its base of the modern labor kitaevedeniya. All very first major dictionaries were written kitaevedami-Orthodox Archimandrite Iakinfom and Archimandrite Palladiem. The first Chinese language grammar in Russian also has been drawn up by Archimandrite Iakinfom. By studying a neighboring country, our Church are held there, their culture, introduced, with the Orthodox faith and traditions, contributing to the strengthening of friendly relations of our countries ".

Educators Gymnasium sure that the knowledge of Chinese in the future and will enable teachers and students to conduct Gymnasium missionary activities among the followers of other religions.


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