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Patriarchal greeting to the participants of the conference on the 50th anniversary of Chinese Autonomous Orthodox Church

[Patriarch: greetings and treatment]

November 23, 2007 during the events dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Autonomous Orthodox Church, the blessing of the Holy Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II in Moscow Patriarchate Palomnicheskom Center hosts conference on the history of the establishment of Chinese Autonomous Church and its current situation.

During the opening ceremony, Chairman of External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate Metropolitan of Smolensk and Kaliningrad Kirill read the welcome message posted below Predstoyatelya Russian Orthodox Church for organizers and participants of the conference.

Your Eminence, Honorable arhipastyri and honest fathers, ladies and gentlemen, dear brothers and sisters!

I cordially welcome now gathered in the center of the Moscow Patriarchate Palomnicheskom memorabilia at events dedicated to 50-skis Chinese Autonomous Orthodox Church.

Russia and China not long relationship, and the Russian Orthodox Church stood at their source. As in 1685 from acute Albazinskogo arrived in Beijing the first Orthodox priest, and since in 1712 was organized by the Russian spiritual mission in China. The Mission included language, culture, history and contemporary life of the Chinese people, which works its members have made a significant contribution to the development of the domestic Sanology. Above all, however, concerns have focused on the mission to preach the gospel of Christ, bogosluzhebnyh translating texts and spiritual guide of Orthodox believers in China, as the Russians and Chinese. Spiritual fruit sowing Russian missionaries was Chinese Autonomous Orthodox Church. The decision on granting autonomy to the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church adopted at the end of 1956, and in 1957, in Moscow held its first arhiereyskaya hirotoniya warn Beijing-Bishop Vasily (Yao Shuanglin). But after the death of Bishop Vasily (†1962), and then to Shanghai and Bishop Simeon (†1965) The Chinese Orthodox Church lost arhipastyrskogo leadership. In difficult conditions "cultural revolution" in her life came upadok.yne in some cities in China restored destroyed those painful years, Orthodox temples. This is a good sign, indicating the desire of Chinese believers to a full church life. But there is more Chinese Orthodox priests, who could pray in the temples restored Beskrovnuyu vozvestit victim and the people of the truth of God's word Christ of faith, although there is among the Orthodox and Chinese residents wishing to serve God in the holy Sun.

Orthodoxy in China, with more than Tercentenary history, now is still going through hard times. I trust that the Chinese Orthodox Church, for God Promyslu organized by the Russian Labor missionaries decorated feat of Chinese martyrs ispovednichestvom many of its believers, it carried over after the revolt suffering and prosiyaet rich family in Orthodox churches. Russian same church that has become the Mother Church for China and darovavshaya it half a century ago, independence in making domestic life, their prayers will not leave our Chinese brothers and sisters in faith, continuing the dialogue with the relevant organizations of the People's Republic of the normalization of Orthodox believers in the country. Among them, and no small number of our countrymen, temporarily or permanently residing in China and hit us with requests for spiritual support. I am sure that steps are being taken to blagoustroeniyu Orthodox church life, will help to achieve harmony in Chinese society, enhance understanding, cooperation and good-neighborly relations between the peoples of Russia and China.

Prayer Saints 222 martyrs Beijing and All Saints in China prosiyavshih earth, mercy and God the Father of all comfort (2 Cor. 1. 3) yes grant bogolyubivoy followers China Orthodox Church stronghold in preserving sacred Orthodox faith, vosprinyatoy of fathers and tested in the crucible of suffering (Ex. 48. 10).

All Grace, always loving the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen (Eph 6. 24).