Русский | DECR Communication Service of the Russian Orthodox Church | November 23, 2007
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In the course of events on the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Autonomous Orthodox Church, moleben for the 222 Chinese martyrs in Moscow occurred

November 23, 2007, on the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the Orthodox Autonomous Church in Temple house Olginskom of the Pilgrim center of Moscow Patriarchate was a solemn moleben to the 222 Chinese martyrs.

Prayer committed Archbishop Vladivostoksky and Primorsky Veniamin Damian chairman of the Russian Committee for Training Orthodox Church Archbishop Vereyskogo Eugenia, and the bishops Abakanskogo Kyzylskogo Ionafana, Chita and Zabaykalskogo Evstafiya, Barnaulskogo Altai and Maxim.

Then, the temple has been under Chinese lithium mise arhiereyam, priests and laity.

Turning to the assembled in the temple with arhipastyrskim word, Archbishop Benjamin said: "We are gathered here today to prayer note 50th anniversary of the founding of the Autonomous Orthodox Church. Chinese Martyrs fully execute the words of Christ, putting their lives in the close. I am confident that their blood will be the seeds of Orthodoxy in China. "

Lithium and pray in the temple ravnoapostolnoy Princess Olga prefaced opening in the Pilgrim center of the Moscow Patriarchate conference on the 50th anniversary of Chinese Autonomous Orthodox Church.

Saints 222 Orthodox Chinese were proslavleny Russian Orthodox Church of God in the face of mestnochtimyh God in in 1902. During the summer of 1900, China started the "Boxer" uprising, which proclaimed a goal combat "foreign influence". Among those killed during the uprising were not only foreign preachers and technicians, traders, scientists, but Chinese officials, soldiers, officers and farmers. Especially popular among the rebel enjoyed slogan provozglashavshy struggle with the Christian Church and the massacre of Chinese Christianity in the calls, which were considered as traitors.

Russian Spiritual Mission in China experienced a dire test result became propaganda ihetuaney massacre 11 June (24 June for a new style) 1900 Ghoda over Chinese Orthodox, which by the beginning of XX century in China there were about a half thousand. In those days in Beijing were killed several hundred Chinese Orthodox. Following were found and identified the remains of 222 people. Among them is svyaschennomuchenik Mitrofan accepting the priesthood at the hands of the Japanese Saint Nicholas, his wife, Tatiana, and their children. They were the first Orthodox Chinese martyrs, saints prichislennymi to face.

In connection with the construction in the second half of 1950-nineties at the historic territory of the Russian Spiritual Mission in China, a new set of buildings, Soviet embassy Mission many buildings were demolished, including the Temple of All Saints martyrs. According to one version, the remains of Chinese and other martyrs graveyard located in the temple, was postponed until the Russian cemetery in the area Andinmen. Subsequently, the cemetery had been eliminated, but on land primykavshih it was divided "Qingnianhu recreation park."

By the blessing of the Holy Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II April 3, 2007, to the Pascha holiday, on the sport of the temple of All Saints martyrs that was destroyed in the territory of the Russian embassy in the People's Republic of China has arranged a memorial: Poklonny cross and memorial slab with a picture of the temple and summary information about it.

Holy Chinese martyrs services produced in Russian and English, they pray Orthodox Christians around the world.