Русский | | September 26, 2007
English Translation by Nina Tkachuk Dimas

Orthodox High School in Vladivostok Starts to Study the Chinese Language

In the new educational year, teacher and pupils of a unique educational establishment - the Orthodox high school of Vladivostok — have begun to learn the culture of its neighboring country. The first step was familiarization with the Chinese language led by an experienced educator, dean of the Chinese department, Alexander Sokolovsky.

“This is the 'Year of China in Russia’. Here we decided to introduce a new subject - Chinese. The study material will be equally interesting to both children and adults. We already have major plans for the future; we would like to establish contact with Orthodox communities in China , work closely with city schools on joint activities,” said Lidiya Titova, director of Vladivostok’s 'Orthodox High School’."

Classes, which at present are held twice weekly; pupils in grades 4-10, as well as some teachers, audit the classes - reports the site of the Vladivostok diocese. Surprisingly, the number of those wanting to learn the “language of neighbors” is constantly growing, and perhaps, it may soon become necessary to open another group.

The study of the Chinese language is offered to all residents of Primorye. Language helps bring nations together, even on the basis of religion. Knowledge will enable teachers and pupils to resume missionary activity among followers of other religions.