Русский | 'DECR Communication Service of the Russian Orthodox Church' | February 21, 2007 14:39
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In Japan moleben on a cemetery of Russian seamen is accomplished

On February 13, in Japan on a cemetery of the Russian seamen who have taken prisoner during war of 1904-1905, moleben has been accomplished. A doleful pray about those who has died in a captivity and has been buried in the Japanese ground, have uplifted deputy Nikolsky of a monastery in Tokyo Hieromonk Gerasim (Shevtsov), Priest John Ono from Kyoto and Priest David Midzuguchi from Osaka.

The cemetery is in small town Idzumi Odzu, near to Osaka. The necropolis contains in the ideal order is a merit of the Japanese who have created a society of care about this cemetery. The list of all pogrebennykh here Russian seamen – only 89 person was kept; on some gravestones there are even photos.

Father David Midzuguchi, okormlyayushchy an Orthodox community in Osaka, yearly makes on a cemetery of moleben.