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Archimandrite Sergy (CHashin) is selected(elected) by bishop Ussurijskim, vikariem the Vladivostok diocese

Moscow. At session of the Sacred Synod official report Preosvyashchennogo of archbishop Vladivostok and Seaside Veniamin about election vikarnogo bishop of the Vladivostok diocese on December, 26th, 2007 is considered(examined).

Archbishop Veniamin has offered the Most holy Patriarch Moscow and vseya to Russia to Alex II and to the Sacred Synod as the candidate for bishop of archimandrite Sergiya (CHashina), the secretary of a diocese, the prior of a temple in honour of Uspeniya Bozhiej to Mother of Vladivostok, the pro-rector of spiritual school. Archimandrite Sergy here the fifteenth year is at the bishop all over again as ipodiakona, and then in a dignity ieromonakha, the hegumen, archimandrite. It(he) the fourteenth year is the secretary of a diocese.

In the official report archbishop Veniamin has emphasized, that election vikariya () will allow to continue the assistant to the ruling bishop with the double force in a diocese creation of temples, monasteries, Sunday schools, spiritual school, grammar schools to aggravate missionary service in glory Bozhiyu and for the blessing of our Fatherland.

One of features of the Seaside diocese is that it(she), borrowing(occupying) considerable territory, borders on three foreign states: Japan, Korea and China that gives to it(her) special character of missionary work. And in this respect the help vikarnogo bishop would be necessary. It is necessary to notice, that in pre-revolutionary Russia in the beginning of XX century the Vladivostok diocese had two vikarnykh bishops: Kamchatka nestora (Anisimov) and Nikolsk-Usurijskogo Paul (Ivanovo) which headed the Korean Mission.

After discussion and members of the Sacred Synod have decided conversations with archimandrite Sergiem: 1. Bishop Ussurijskim, vikariem the Vladivostok diocese to select(elect) archimandrite Sergiya (CHashina), the clergyman of the Vladivostok diocese. 2. Narechenie and khirotoniyu archimandrite Sergiya in an episcopal dignity to make in the city of Moscow.

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