| Русский 'DECR Communication Service of the Russian Orthodox Church' | October 4, 2006 17:30
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In the Department of external church relations takes place a round table , devoted to a problem igromanii

On October, 4th in the Department of external church relations « the round table » « Igromaniya has opened: Dangerous hobby or sinful passion? ». In a meeting, devoted to a mental increasing distribution mental and spiritual illness, bishop Egorevsky Mark, heads of the rehabilitation centers, priests, psychologists, teachers from various dioceses, and also representatives of Ministry of Health and social development, the Ministry of Education and a science of the Russian Federation, foreign experts have taken part(have participated) the vice-president of the Department of external church relations of the Moscow Patriarchate.

Bishop Egorevsky Mark has warned the Russian society against too thoughtless attitude(relation) to a problem of game dependence. In its(his) opinion, distribution igromanii threatens stability in the country. The church is concerned by the given problem as sees perniciousness of this illness for human soul. Special care carries out Church about those who became igromanom, the Church helps(assists) strazhdushchim to overcome game dependence. « Igromaniya is a passion, and the passion is an illness of soul », – has emphasized Lord Mark.

In its(his) opinion, a significant part visiting(attending) gambling institutions – sick people. « Us disturb not only social consequences igromanii, but, first of all, a condition of souls of people. Our problem(task) – to help(assist) them to recover. During too time we should warn a society of danger which is represented with game dependence » also.

As it has noted been on « a round table », till now there are no exact data on number suffering igromaniej; according to statistics of the structures uniting representatives of a gaming, only in Moscow now it is totaled more than 50 thousand constant players.

Bishop Mark has opposed opening game clubs near temples. Making comments under the request of journalists such facts, it(he) has reminded, that, according to the Russian legislation, gambling institutions should not be near to schools and preschool establishments. Among parishioners of temples it is a lot of children, has reminded arkhipastyr, they come to church to learn goods and a Christian life. In its(his) opinion, priors of arrivals should act with initiatives of transferring of such institutions in other place.

The special attention has been given to a problem igromanii in the teenage environment, including the Internet-dependence and a pathological addiction to online-games. Experts of the Main hospital of the Beijing military district of the People's Republic of China have presented participants of action unique model of rehabilitation igrozavisimykh, developed by the Chinese psychologists.

Managing Base of psychological adaptation for teenagers of the Main hospital of Beijing military district Tao ZHan also has told about the impressions of visiting the Russian rehabilitation centers, including church. It(he) has especially noted a positive role of that rehabilitation activity in these establishments is directly connected with spiritual tradition of this ground, that is with Orthodoxy.

At session it has been declared(announced) creation in the Bryansk diocese at Kazan Bogoroditskoj deserts Ploshchanskoj of the specialized center of rehabilitation suffering by game dependence. As (Kuzmin) has told naselnik monasteries ieromonakh Diomid, the monastery more than 10 years is engaged in rehabilitation of addicts, last years there addresses more and more than the people requiring the help on overcoming of predilection for gamblings. Assistance in the organization of work of the new center will be rendered by the Chinese experts.

Performances(Statements) and to discussion on « a round table » have been devoted to the analysis of the spiritual and social reasons of prompt(impetuous) distribution of such sincere illness as igromaniya, attempt to unite saved up(saved) by Church, various medical institutions and the rehabilitation centers experience of the psychological and spiritual help to the people who have got in game dependence has been undertaken.