Русский | 'DECR Communication Service of the Russian Orthodox Church' | May 5, 2006
In Mongolia have taken place Pascha celebrations
English Machine Translation

On April, 21st, 2006, on Great Friday, in temple ZHivonachalnoj of the Trinity in Ulan Bator carrying out of the Shroud and the Grade of burial have been accomplished. On Great Saturday after the Divine liturgy within all day Orthodox inhabitants of capital of Mongolia came to consecrate easter food.

More than hundred twenty Russian, ukraintsev, Byelorussians, Serbs, bolgarov, Mongols of Orthodox creed prayed behind night Pascha divine service, among them there was an Ambassador of Bulgaria M.Ivanov and the Ambassador of France P.Krisman, employees of diplomatic missions, joint ventures and the compatriots constantly living in Mongolia.

Behind a celebratory Divine liturgy more than half bogomoltsev prichastilis Sacred KHristovykh Tain. After divine service parishioners of the only thing in Mongolia an Orthodox temple have divided(undressed) a celebratory meal.

In the day of Pascha arrival was visited(attended) on a visit novonaznachennyj by the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Mongolia B.A.Govorin with suprugoj. The meeting with the prior of arrival by priest Alex Trubachom has passed(has taken place) in a chimney hall of arrival behind an easter table; there was an exchange of congratulations and gifts. The ambassador has noted special importance of arrival as uniting spiritual and cultural center for Russians, will Bozhiej appeared in Mongolia. The ambassador also has emphasized, that in this country, the proRussian moods here are still strong. And in conditions of religious and cultural expansion when in Mongolia one ten mormon prayful houses is constructed any more, begins the extremely important to acquaint inhabitants of the country with Orthodox spiritual traditions and Russian culture. The most important step in this direction – erection of separately costing(standing) temple in traditions of Russian architecture. B.A.Govorin has assured the interlocutor, that the Russian embassy will promote(assist) in every possible way to the given project.

On Wednesday Light sedmitsy in Russian Orthodox arrival to Ulan Bator celebratory Pascha reception in which the Ambassador of Bulgaria M.Ivanov, official representatives of Irkutsk area of V.A.Kislov, Novosibirsk area – B.V.Losev, Moscow – M.A.Ortynsky, the honourable consul of Israel D.Amar, employees of embassies, directors of Russian schools in this country have taken part(have participated) the spouse of the Ambassador of Russia in Mongolia L.A.Govorina, heads and employees of joint ventures took place. In the beginning of reception before present the chorus Piously-ÔÓ«¿µ¬«ú« arrival has acted.

On Radonitsu on Russian cemetery of Ulan Bator priest Alex Trubach has made requiem about the Orthodox Christians who have found here rest.