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[SUMMARY: The "Amur Autumn" film forum, the Blagoveshchensk Diocese and other organizations have begun raising funds for the Orthodox cemetery in Harbin. Russian authorities negotiated with the Chinese for almost 10 years re: restoring the cemetery where graves date back to 1913. Work is to begin in May and is expected to be completed by September 1. -Nina Tkachuk Dimas]
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The Charitable concert has passed yesterday in a hall of the Amur philarmonic society. On a stage the choral chapel "Revival" acted. The obtained money resources will go on reconstruction of Russian orthodox cemetery near Harbin. " Gathering from a concert is the first chastichka that contribution which will go on restoration of Russian cemetery ", - the first assistant to governor Victor Martsenko has noted, "Alpha-channel" transfers TK.

Russian cemetery in Harbin was taken under home nursing with " the Amur autumn ", and the organizing committee of a film-forum is engaged in fund raising for its restoration. Works on an orthodox cemetery plan to finish by September, 1st.

the mite was brought also with the Blagoveshchensk diocese. According to archbishop Blagoveshchensk and Tyndinskogo Gabriel, 10 thousand roubles is not last payment which is done by Orthodox Church on such charitable business. " This event one more stage in business of collecting of forces for the sake of peace organization of good neighbourhood between Blagoveshchensk and Harbin that is represented especially important in a year declared on year of Russia in China " opens, - has emphasized lord Gabriel.

Recently from China working group of a film festival " Amur autumn-2006 " has returned. Negotiations with Chineses about restoration of a cemetery the Russian authorities conducted almost 10 years.

Visitors of " the Amur autumn " every year visit tombs of compatriots, and in the past to year the organizing committee has decided to restore a cemetery of Russian emigrants. According to director of the Amur regional public fund of a film-forum Valentiny Gurovoj, works on an accomplishment will begin in May, and by September, first a cemetery which first burial places are dated 1913, should accept a well-groomed kind.

As soon as the personal account will be issued, requisites will be placed in mass media. Offer money for restoration of a cemetery of Russian emigrants any interested person can.