Русский | 'DECR Communication Service of the Russian Orthodox Church' | January 11, 2006
Mongolia celebrates
Orthodox Christmas
English Translation by Nina Tkachuk Dimas

Christmas divine services were celebrated at the Orthodox parish of the Life-Giving Trinity in Ulan Bator. On the night from the 6th to the 7th of January 2006 Mongolia's only Orthodox temple was filled with the believers who had come to prayerfully celebrate the bright holy day of the Nativity of Christ. Among more than 80 congregants there were Orthodox Russians, Byelorussians, Ukrainians, Serbs, workers of diplomatic establishments and joint ventures in Mongolia, and also Orthodox Christians who are permanent resident of Ulan Bator. Some, despite the late hour, came with children. Many parishioners partook of the Holy Mysteries of Christ at the Divine liturgy which has followed immediately after the festal matins.

The representative of the Government of Moscow in Ulan Bator, M.A. Ortynsky and his spouse prayed during the divine service.

After the liturgy the Christmas message of Alexy II, Patriarch Moscow and All Russia, to the children of Russian Orthodox Church was read, and the priest-in-charge of the temple, Father Alex Trubach, in his sermon thanked parishioners for their prayers: "Each of us, like the magi, tried to bring during this holy night, gold, frankincense and myrrh to our Lord Jesus Christ who has born in Bethlehem. Gold — represents our efforts which allowed us to endure such a long service; frankincense — our prayers when, struggling with sleet and vain thoughts, we tried to to lift our souls to God; and myrrh — our readiness to devote all our life to the Lord". The Orthodox then proceeded to the parish's fireplace room where they took part in a festal meal.

During the evening of the January 7th there was a gala reception, at which were present the ambassador of Russia in Mongolia, O.M.Derkovsky; the ambassador of Bulgaria, Mircho Ivanov; and the consul of Czech Republic, Oldrich Sommer; the representative of the government of Moscow M.A. Ortynsky, and also diplomatic employees of the Russian embassy, the heads Russian, Serbian, Mongolian joint and private enterprises. The reception began with greetings by the priest-in-charge of the Trinity temple. A concert by Sunday school children followed, and the recently organized church choir then performed sacred music.

A children's Christmas celebration took place on Sunday on January 8th in the parish's fireplace room. Numerous children of embassy and joint-venture employees, local Russians, and also their parents took part in these festivities. Many children prepared poems, stories, songs. A concert was offered to the attendees. All children attending the Yolka (Christmas party) received gifts, and then together with their parents shared Christmas joy at a holiday table.