Русский | " the Official site of the Vladivostok diocese of MT RPTS " | August 26, 2004
On August, 29th - a holiday of the Port Arthur
icon of the "Feast of the
Most Holy Mother of God"
English Machine Translation

The Small photo-exhibition, devoted to religious procession " be blessed, the Far East! ", passed in April-May of this year, opens on the eve of a patron saint's day in pridele a temple in honour of Port Arthur icon of the "Feast of the Most Holy Mother of God" (street Gamarnika, 18). It will tell about travel of pilgrims with a temple icon on an educational sailing vessel "Pallada" to Korea, Japan and China.

This temple meets the patron saint's day in second time. The building of a former cinema "Beacon" has been transferred to the Vladivostok diocese in March of the last year. Here the temple in commemoration of centenary anniversary of the phenomenon of an icon and called to become by a temple-monument in honour of a feat of Russian troops in war of 1904-1905 has been formed. The icon has been written for Port Arthur of naval base, however to the Russian soldiers then has not got, and its traces have got lost. In a temple there is a list from an icon full-scale. Some lists from an icon dispatch on white light. They are presented to Russian Orthodox community in Republic Korea, to embassy of Russia in Beijing, an Orthodox community of sacred apostle John Bogoslova of city of Anchorage (Alaska), copies for Orthodox Christians cities Toronto (Canada) and Sakhalin are prepared. The Far East relic found by pilgrims in 1998 in Jerusalem, costs in an eparchial temple Saint Sergija Radonezhskogo. On Wednesdays and Fridays before it pass molebny.

Celebratory divine service in honour of a patron saint's day will begin at 16 o'clock on August, 28th (nightlong vigil), and on August, 29th at 9 o'clock the Divine liturgy will be made by archbishop Vladivostok and Seaside Veniamin.