Русский | " the Official site of the Vladivostok diocese" | May 16, 2004
In former Port Arthur the
participants of a seafaring religious
procession aboard the frigate
"Pallada" made their stay
English Translation by Igor Radev

Lüshun (Port Arthur). On May 12-13th the participants of a seafaring procession carrying the Port Arthur Icon of the Mother of God served remembrance services at the Russian cemetery in former Port Arthur.

Hieromonk Roman

According to an announcement made by correspondents of a press-service, on May 13th participants of the religious procession on the frigate "Pallada" have reached their main objective. In Port Arthur (People's Republic of China) a panichida for killed Russian soldiers was served at the Russian cemetery. The service was conducted by Hieromonk Roman (Medvedev), caretaker of the church dedicated to the Port Arthur Icon of the Mother of God in the city of Vladivostok. After the remembrance service, flowers were lied down on the tombs of Soviet soldiers who died during World War II here on Chinese soil. Flowers and wreaths have been lied down on the behalf of Vladivostok Diocese by members of the Spiritual Mission, on the behalf of State Fishing Agency and the crew of the frigate "Pallada" by its captain Zorchenko N. K. and on the behalf of the Moscow Patriarchate Synod's Department responsible for interaction with the Armed Forces and the Law-enforcement Agencies by its employee Kovtun V. N.

On May 12th members of the Spiritual Mission headed by Fr. Roman made prayers at the old part of the Russian cemetery where lie the remains of Russian soldiers who died during the Russo-Japanese war 1904-1905. Near the memorial Cross, built on the orders of suffering-bearing Sovereign Nicholas II, where names of all the military units which took part in battles for Port Arthur are engraved, Litany was served. Of course, those names of soldiers which were known to us were mentioned.

It would be nice to hope, that in the year of the 100 year anniversary of the heroism shown by these Russian marines, the procession with the Port Arthur Icon of the Mother of God would resurrect in the national memory those faraway glorious and yet tragic events.

Certainly, the purpose itself of the seafaring religious procession which has begun on April 15th was to deliver the Port Arthur Icon of the Theotokos to the former city-fortress of Port Arthur, and this was done. However, two more important events are coming ahead: The installation of a memorial Cross on the place were naval battles for Port Arthur happened and the carrying out of the Sacrament of Baptism for cadets who are onboard, out of whom nearly 50 have expressed desire to be baptized.