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The List Port Arthur of an icon
It is presented at an exhibition " Remember war "
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The List of an icon

Vladivostok. On February, 9th in museum complex DVGTU the exhibition, devoted to the 100 anniversary from the date of the beginning of the Russo-Japanese war 1904-1905 Has opened

The General attention of visitors involves the list Port Arthur of the icon written shortly before the beginning of war and intended a temple to the besieged Port Arthur. Since 1905 the icon has appeared lost, the image has been again found in 1998 in Israel, redeemed and delivered to Russia. At an exhibition the modern list of an icon made by one the Vladivostok artists in 2003 for a temple in honour of Port Arthur of icon of the Mother of God is presented. The original of an icon is in a temple in the name of Saint Sergija Radonezhskogo.

The Obelisk "varjazhtsam"
On Sea klabdishche

At an exhibition " Remember war " pictures of artist Severov of Century, rare books, church utensils, fighting awards of beginning XX of a century are presented also. Here there is a collection of cards - Russian, Japanese and French. On them various events from a life of Russian Pacific squadron, operations of times of the Russo-Japanese war, etc. Are represented