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Sea religious procession Has begun
About Port Arthur icon of the Mother of God
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Yachts send from a pier
Yachts-clubs " Seven foots ". An icon
Ahead, on a forage.

Vladivostok. " Be blessed, the Far East " - under such motto on blessing archbishop Vladivostok and Seaside Veniamin on August, 8th from Amur bay has left sea religious procession which is made on two yachts. It has begun after carrying out molebna " About wanting on the sea plavati " when on a deck of a flagman yacht "Esseja" in kiote the copy Port Arthur of icon of the Mother of God has been brought and established. On both yachts are hung out Andreevskie flags. For 10-14 days of a way participants of a campaign plan to pass on a route: Vladivostok - a gulf of "Arrows" - the Find - poset - about. Russian - Vladivostok.

About. The novel sprinkles an icon
Sacred water after molebna

Organizers of this religious procession, and it is orthodox arrival of a temple Port Arthur of an icon of Vladivostok, yachts-clubs "Antares" and " Seven foots ", private philanthropists, see in this action spiritually-patriotic has washed off. In August, 2003 the 100 anniversary of the phenomenon Port Arthur of icon Mother of God is executed. This icon has been sent to the Far East on the eve of the Russo-Japanese war at will Presvjatoj of the Virgin who has declared it in vision one pious bogomoltsu in kievo-ia?a?neie Lavra. Lost in the beginning of XX century on some decades, an icon in 1998 have again come back to Vladivostok where is now. And now this image became an esteemed relic in Primorski Krai. From it copies are written, with it religious processions are arranged, to it is written akafist.

On two vessels to a campaign have gone the priest the Novel Medvedev - the prior of a temple, its assistants from arrival, members of yachts-clubs, philanthropists, organizers. During several meetings at stops with soldiers-frontier guards, with young jahtsmenami in the Find participants of religious procession are measured to acquaint them with history Port Arthur of an icon and a role of Russian army and fleet in development of the Far East. In the end of travel on about. Russian is planned to establish a memorable orthodox cross.