Русский | blagovest-info / sedmitza.Ru | May 5, 2003
English translation by Katherine Ilachinski


Relics found of Archbishop Yuvenaly (Kilin), glorified by Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, are incorruptible. In the beginning of May, Archbishop Nikolai (Schkrumco) of Izhevsk and Udmurt has for the first time publicly declared it in an interview to the local newspaper "Message". According to Archbishop Nikolai, the Holy Synod of Russian Orthodox Church will resolve the question of canonization of Archbishop Yuvenaly (1875-1958) in 2008, that is, according to available traditions, 50 years later after repose.

According to Archbishop Nikolai, his interest in the person of Archbishop Yuvenaly has arisen during service in the Western Europe and Canada when he has seen, with what reverence believers of ROCOR surround memory of the bishop. Having headed in 1993 the Izhevsk diocese, Archbishop Nikolai has personally started to search for the secret burial place of his well-known predecessor and even as he tells it, during the recent repair of Trinity cathedral had knocked with his own hands with crowbar the concrete base of the floor. No exact data on the tomb of the bishop were kept, repair of a temple Archbishop Nikolai started exclusively to find relics of the righteous person.

Fr.Yuvenaly (Kilin) has left Russia for Harbin in 1920 in a rank of archimandrite; in Manchuria he has headed the brotherhood of the Kazan Icon of the Theotokos Monastery. In 1923 he has moved to Serbia, in the following year - has returned to China. In 1935 he was consecrated as Bishop of Xinjiang, in 1941 he has headed Qiqihar faculty, in 1946 he was appointed as Bishop of Shanghai. In 1947 he was called by the Patriarch Alex I of Moscow and all Russia and has returned to the Soviet Russia, where he headed one after the other Chelyabinsk, Irkutsk, Omsk, Izhevsk dioceses. Before his death in December of 1958 he had accepted in Izhevsk shimu with a name of Iohn.

Nowadays relics of Archbishop Yuvenaly are resting in a tomb erected in Trinity Cathedral above his burial place. Archbishop Nikolai has declared, that when workers have opened a crypt, he has sent them home, and the decayed coffin opened at night alone. He said, "the Elder of God laid there as he was only now buried".

The Izhevsk admirers of Archbishop Yuvenaly have buried him in secret from authorities because they had information, that representatives of the Soviet authority intended to hide the tomb from believers.