Rev. D. Pozdnyaev invited to Tripod's
25th anniversary celebration

Rev. D. Pozdnyaev and
Anthony Lam, Editor of "Tripod"

HONG KONG. On November 15th, 2005 by the invitation of Bishop John Tong, Director of the "Holy Spirit Study Centre", priest Dionisy Pozdnyaev has taken part in the celebratory actions, devoted to the 25 anniversary of the edition of magazine "Tripod". The Centre established in 1980, is a part of the Hong Kong diocese of Catholic Church. The primary goals of the Centre are assistance of the Hong Kong Diocese in contacts to the Catholic organizations of the Peoples Republic of China, development of contacts between Catholics of the Peoples Republic of China and other world.

Magazine "Tripod" is the monthly bilingual periodical issue focused on problems and questions of a modern life of Catholic Church in the Peoples Republic of China. Anniversary celebrations on the occasion of the 25 year of the edition of the magazine was opened by Bishop John Tong, who presented his welcoming message. There were two reports presented to attendatnts about place of Catholic Church in a context of modern sociopolitical problems of China.

Catholic Seminary in Hong Kong -
attendants of the 25th anniversary
of "Tripod" edition

After finishing of substantial discussion the detailed review of activity of the Centre for last 25 years has been given. Over 100 representatives of Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, the Peoples Republic of China, Ireland, the UK, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Germany and the USA participated in celebratory actions.