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Day of memory Alapayevsk martyrs
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The Orthodox church reveres memory Alapayevsk martyrs - members of imperial family of Romanovs killed near Alapaevsk in 1918 year. Their remains have been buried in Beijing, on Russian cemetery from which now does not remain also a trace.

Alexander Kazakevicha's Reporting.

Komsomol park in Beijing - a place for respectable rest of inhabitants of the Peoples Republic of China. The paid golf-club with own protection and the schooled personnel has opened in 86-th year for local elite. Up to the middle of the last century here there was an Orthodox cemetery of Russian spiritual mission. Here under a century poplar Serafima Sarovsky's chapel and a crypt with last Romanov's destroyed by bolsheviks in nizhne-naeeineie to mine near Alapaevsk remains has been constructed. Within a cultural revolution, Russian cemetery has been ruined.

Dmitry Napara, the citizen of Russia living in the Peoples Republic of China: " As descendants albazinskih tell cossacks, citizens of the Peoples Republic of China, coffins alapaevskie have not been touched, as the crypt has been concreted, and we believe, that till now under this field for game in a golf remains Alapayevsk martyrs of an imperial surname Romanovs " lay.

Portraits of all of eight Alapayevsk piously store martyrs in Moscow, in the ia?oi-Mariinsky monastery. Here their persons: the foundress of this monastery Elizabeth Fedorovna, its assistant, inokinja the Barbarian, grand duke Sergey Mihajlovich, sons of grand dukes of Konstantin Konstantinovicha and Paul Aleksandrovicha.

After execution Russian patriots have secretly taken out their remains to China. Elizabeth Fedorovny's remains and Barbarians already therefrom it was possible to forward to Jerusalem. Today they are canonized, and now it is one of the basic relics of Foreign Orthodox church. About all others Alapayevsk martyrs usually wrote: " the place of a burial place is not known, presumably, China ".

Dmitry Napara: " Now the group kitaistov works above that not only to prove what exactly here is a burial place but also to collect means for returning remains to Russia. They should be betraid to the ground properly ".

To accept remains Alapayevsk martyrs and to bury in Moscow nuns of the ia?oi-Mariinsky monastery are ready, and name it the " a sacred duty ".

Nun Elizabeth nastojatelnitsa the ia?oi-Mariinsky monastery of mercy: " We so would like to lift them and to bring to Russia that on-e?anee, Christianly to bury. They too were with Elizabeth, too have accepted martyr death ".

Witnesses approve, that after execution near Alapaevsk, from nizhne-naeeineie mines some days were heard groans. But this tragedy has not come to the end and till now. Also cannot be completed, while remains kaznennyh covers green a golf course in the Beijing park for family rest.