Classical Chinese Orthodox Catechetical Prayer Book Now Online

Oct 1, 2004 - The text to this unique prayer book was originally compiled by the Priest Lǐ Xùnyī as noted in his preface of May 5 1948, and was reprinted after his addendum of August 27 of the same year, with the blessing of Archbishop (John) of Shanghai.

The full text is now online at with corrections to the original published text. Final transcription of this online edition was done with the help of Chinese-English Translator Peter N. Erickson.

This Prayer Book includes a catechism in Question and Answer format, baptismal rite text, explanation of symbolism behind the sign of the cross, explanations in colloquial Mandarin of each classical Chinese petition of the daily prayers, the Creed, the Beatitudes and the Decalogue. One drawback is that the text to the prayers are in Classical Chinese but the explanations to each line of the daily prayers is in a somewhat modern Chinese, suitable to the older generation Chinese reader.

The good news is that there is a recent Chinese translation of the Prayer Book ideal for the younger generation available online at which also includes the Divine Liturgy, the Akathist to our Sweetest Lord Jesus, prayers and canon before Holy Communion, and thanksgiving prayers for after Holy Communion.