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Orthodox in China have met a
light holiday of Christ's Resurrection
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On April, 11th, 2004 in a building of the Russian embassy in Beijing the clergyman of Russian Orthodox Church priest Dionisy Pozdnjaev has made Paschal divine services for Orthodox believers of China. By tradition they have gathered in " Red fanze " - the oldest construction for territories of the Russian embassy which are settling down on a place of former Russian Spiritual Mission in Beijing. Together with Russians behind celebratory divine service believers from Ukraine prayed, to Belarus, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro, Ethiopia, and also Orthodox, living in Special administrative area Xianggang (Hong Kong).

The Orthodox population in China consists mainly of descendants of the Russian immigrants who at various times have arrived to this country. In China live albazintsy - the descendants of Russian cossacks living in Beijing from second half OVII of a century. In this ethnic group numbering more two hundred the person, spiritual communication with Orthodoxy was kept, the aspiration to revival of the religious-cultural community is shown. Pascha is celebrated by many representatives of a national minority elosy - the Chinese Russian living in the Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang. Orthodox Chineses, including descendants of Russian emigrants, are in Harbin, Shanghai.

In total in China, according to about. Dionisija, person keeping adherence to Orthodox traditions is totaled about 13 thousand. There are four Orthodox temples, however any cleric. Last albazinsky the father - archpriest Alexander Du has died in 2003.

(Sob.inf. And on materials of ITAR-TASS)