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The Chinese believers spend
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grounds of last orthodox priest of Beijing
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On December, 18th, 2003 in Nantang - the Southern Catholic cathedral of Beijing from the sanction of Catholic archbishop Beijing Michael Fu Teshanja the grade of burial of archpriest Alexander Du, last cleric of the Chinese Autonomous Orthodox Church lived in the city of Beijing and awarded in 1998 of rewarding by an award of prelate Innokentija Moscow (II degree) for missionary and vicarial works, and in 2001 - napersnym a cross with ornaments takes place.

Operating orthodox churches in capital of the Chinese National Republic now does not exist. 

Father Alexander Du has died on December, 16th on eighty first of a life after heavy and long illness. In ierejsky a dignity it has been imposed in 1950 by archbishop Beijing and Chinese Victor headed the Russian Spiritual Mission in China which has been based under Peter's I decree in 1712. Cares of the Beijing mission had been prepared translations of the Scriptus, prayer books and creations of sacred fathers of Church into the Chinese language, numerous church books and scientific works are published. By 1918 the number of orthodox Chineses has reached  10 000 person.

In poslerevoljutsionnyj the period when the significant part of refugees has emigrated to China from Russia, Mission pays the basic attention on spiritual okormlenie compatriots. In places of mass settlement of Russian emigrants orthodox temples that has allowed Chineses to get acquainted with Orthodoxy even more close are erected.

After the Second world war missionary service of Russian Orthodox Church in China, rukopolagajutsja the first Chinese bishops, priests and diakony revives. In 1957 the Orthodox Church in China has received from the Sacred Synod of Russian Orthodox Church of the right of an autonomy.

Subsequent "cultural revolution" has practically interrupted activity of the Chinese Autonomous Orthodox Church. During this period orthodox temples and cemeteries collapsed, were profaned power sacred and icons were burnt. Many clerics, including father Alexander Du, have undergone persecutions. Priests sent in corrective camp, derided, obrjazhaja in shutovskie caps and vymazyvaja soot the person.

In 1980th years some temples have been restored. However numerous references of father Alexander Du and its Beijing flock to city authorities with the request to register a community and to resolve fulfilment of public divine services have not met the consent. Inhabitants of capital Peoples Republic of China have no opportunity to pray in an orthodox temple since 1966. The majority of the orthodox temple buildings which have kept in China till now is used not to destination. So, in Nikolskoj churches in the city of Shanghai the restaurant of the French kitchen, and in the temple located in the same place in honour of icon Bozhiej of Mother " Sporuchnitsa guilty " - a night club is arranged.

From February, 17th, 1997 pending election as the Cathedral of the Chinese Autonomous Church of the Head care about orthodox Christians in China is assigned by Definition of the Sacred Synod of Russian Orthodox Church to the Most holy Patriarch Moscow and vseja Russia Alex. The department of external church communications of the Moscow Patriarchy carries on dialogue with representatives of the Chinese National Republic about satisfaction of spiritual needs of orthodox citizens of the country, about preparation of clerics for the Chinese Orthodox Church at spiritual schools of Russia. Clergymen of Russian Orthodox Church visit China within the limits of vicarial care of compatriots living there and make divine services in territory of Embassy of the Russian Federation in Beijing. pochivshy father Alexander on a regular basis visited such divine services and joined Sacred Hristovyh Tain (last time - in September of this year). Three weeks prior to death of father Alexander priest Dionisy Pozdnjaev prichastil it in-home.

Burial service of archpriest Alexander Du will be headed by priest Dionisy Pozdnjaev.