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The Meeting of Metropolitan KIRILL with Shanghai Russian Community

During a brief transit stop on a way from Manila to Moscow on November, 29th, 2002 chairman of the Department of external church communications of the Moscow Patriarchy metropolitan Smolensk and Kaliningrad Cyril has met representatives of Russian diaspora in the Chinese National Republic, incorporated in Russian club of Shanghai. With greater interest our compatriots who are being far from the Native land, have listened to the story about a life of Russian Orthodox Church in modern conditions. The special attention was caused with comments of metropolitan Cyril to Bases of the social concept of Russian Orthodox Church.

In turn, gathered have told to metropolitan Cyril about a situation with two temples of the Chinese Independent Orthodox Church in the city of Shanghai. Now temples are not used for prayful assemblies of believers: in Nikolskoj churches the restaurant of the French kitchen is located, and in a cathedral in honour of icon Presvjatoj of the Virgin " Sporuchnitsa guilty " repair work on transformation of a temple into a night club are spent. The similar position of the Chinese authorities causes serious concern of an orthodox community of Shanghai. On the references in the mayoralty of city about change of the present status of buildings or their uses in the cultural purposes - as a concert hall, library or archive that is less offensive for feelings of believers, - members of an orthodox community yet have not received the answer.

During conversation it has noted been, that in Shanghai the openness of China to all representatives of the world community and consequently the inattention of authorities of city to sudbam orthodox temples which became organic and an integral part of an architectural ensemble of Shanghai, causes clear bewilderment of believers is especially visible. In other regions of China position is a little bit other: now authorities of the Peoples Republic of China construct for orthodox believers three temples in Sintszjane and one temple in the Inner Mongolia.