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The International Church-Scientific Conference
on Christianity in China has opened

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On November, 22nd, 2001 in a conference hall of hotel " Aaieeianeay " the International Church-Scientific Conference on Christianity in China, organized by the Department of external church communications of the Moscow Patriarchy and Institute of the Far East of the Russian Academy of sciences has opened.

The Reference of the Most holy Patriarch Moscow and vseja to Russia Alex II to participants of conference was read by chairman of the Department of external church communications of the Moscow Patriarchy metropolitan Smolensk and Kaliningrad Cyril. The full text of the reference is resulted below.

Having acted then with introductory speech, metropolitan Smolensk and Kaliningrad Cyril has told about history of Orthodoxy in China, begun with capture by armies tsinskogo emperor Kansi of the Russian cossacks defended jail Albazin. Captives have been lodged per 1685 in Beijing and from a permission of emperor have based the first orthodox temple in China. 

The Special attention in the report of metropolitan Cyril has been given to the Beijing Mission which was engaged not only spiritual okormleniem the Russian lived in this country, but also studying of the Chinese history and culture. " Activity of the Beijing Mission in beginning XX of a century has been directed on assistance of adaptation of Chineses to Christian culture. In the long term such position of Mission should promote overcoming of xenofobia at expansion of the Russian-Chinese communications ", - has noted Lord Cyril.

Having noted, that destiny of Orthodoxy in China in XX a century carried tragical and in many respects inconsistent character, metropolitan Cyril has in detail told about modern position orthodox believing in the Peoples Republic of China. Now members of the Chinese Independent Orthodox Church are about 10 thousand the laymen who are not having neither priests, nor bishops that speaks a position of the Chinese authorities which are not resolving after death in 2000 last Chinese priest about. Grigory Chzhu rukopolagat new. " Russian Orthodox Church is ready to render any assistance in normalization of position of the Chinese Independent Orthodox Church, in particular and consequently, that it today is Church of Russian national minority in China and our compatriots temporarily staying here, keeping deep communications with Mother - Russian Orthodox Church, - has declared Lord Cyril. - It is represented, that between Russia and China the question on position of the Chinese Independent Orthodox Church should find the decision in a context of positive development of attitudes ".

Metropolitan Smolensk and Kaliningrad Cyril has called politicians and public figures of Russia and China to show special attention to this problem.

Scientific and church figures take part In conference from Russia, the Peoples Republic of China, the Western Europe and the USA. In the program of a forum - discussions, symposiums, round tables on which questions of history of christianity in China are discussed; actual problems of service of the Chinese Independent Orthodox Church in modern conditions; various aspects mezhtsivilizatsionnogo dialogue and historical experience of cultural adaptation of the western christianity in China; the religious factor in the Russian-Chinese attitudes, and also activity in Russia new religious cults of the Chinese origin.

The International Church-Scientific Conference
on Christianity in China

Preosvjashchennye arhipastyri, vsechestnye fathers, brothers and the sisters, dear visitors of the present conference!

Intimately I welcome all of you who have arrived from the countries of the West and the East to Moscow to discuss together the questions connected with historical last and modern position of christianity in China.

Pleases, that a place of carrying out of the present conference became Russia, the unique Christian country having with China the general border. A special good-neighbourhood between Russia and China promoted that during almost three hundred years in Beijing the Russian Spiritual Mission which scientific heritage is widely known in the world operated. Unfortunately, the church aspect of its activity still has not received due illumination. I hope, that work of the present conference will be appreciably devoted to judgement of experience of activity of the Beijing Mission which result became a birth in 1957 of the Chinese Independent Orthodox Church. About this day its uneasy destiny is a subject of special attention of Mother - Russian Orthodox Church.

Would like to note with pleasure participation in work of conference of scientists of the West. The changes occuring in the modern world, put us before necessity   of deeper   judgement   of spiritual   aspects mezhtsivilizatsionnyh contacts which development in many respects was defined by activity of the western Christian missions in China. Their experience of cultural adaptation of christianity deserves today close studying.

I Thank everyone who takes part in work of so important conference. I wish all successful work. Sincerely I hope, that this forum will promote expansion of religious communications between Russia and China, to development of attitudes between people of our countries in traditional spirit of friendly respect.

The Lord Allmighty yes will bless your works!