Русский | English Translation by Katherine Ilachinski (Aug 2009)

However, this letter was "a voice screaming in desert" and could change nothing. Year 1956 was coming; Church persecutions by Khrushchev were developing. The patriarchy became less and less free in its actions. Decisions on church valuables in China independently were taken by worldly authorities. On March 30, 1956 "the multimillion-strong real estate of Russian Orthodox Church in China has been gratuitously transferred to the governments of Chinese People's Republic. The personal estate was subject to transfer to the property of the Chinese Orthodox church through the appointed Chinese priests [53.]

As to a diocese she, after departure of Archbishop Nikandr, has remained vacant. Eparchial Council addressed Bishop Vasily (Shuang) of Beijing with the request to accept Harbin's diocese under his management. In October of 1957, Bishop Vasily visiting Harbin has rejected this offer, alluding to his business with affairs of the Beijing diocese [54]. Thus, Vladyka Nikandr became the last bishop of Harbin and Manchuria.

St. Nicholas Cathedral.
A vacant faculty (on the right
a tomb of Metropolitan Mefodiy)

Being on the Arkhangelsk faculty, Vladyka Nikandr in February of 1957 has been awarded the rank of archbishop, in February of 1960, in commemoration of the 45-anniversary of service to the Christ Church he has acquired the right of carrying a diamond cross on klobuk (head gear), and on March 16, 1961 has been appointed archbishop of Rostov and Novocherkassk [55].

The right reverend archbishop Nikandr went to sleep in the Lord in Rostov ? on - Don on August 16, 1961. Memorial service was carried out by bishop's rule and he is buried at an altar of the Cathedral of the Birth of Holy Theotokos.

Last document made by him was the Easter greeting to flock:

"The beloved brothers and sisters!? Christ is risen!"
"Today all is filled with light, the sky and the earth and below(hade)" - exclaims Sacred Church, meeting the great Holiday of Holidays.
The Christian joy passes from heart to heart, and to a victorious, solemn greeting: "Christ is risen!" - each believing soul with pleasure answers: " Truly the Christ is risen! To Him, the Risen, glory and power now, and always, and for ever and ever. Amen ".

Authors express deep gratitude to Eugenii Karlovne Korostelevoj (Krupka) for valuable advice and granting of materials. Photos are published for the first time.

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