Русский | "Orthodox Churches in Northern Manchuria" Harbin, 1931, pg. 14
English Translation by Igor Radev

The "New" Cemetery of the Holy Dormition

Cemetery Church

During the construction of a street at the beginning of New Town settlement a cemetery was opened, nowadays known as the "old one". Following the renewed urbanistic plan for New Town, it was concluded that an extension of the cemetery wouldn't be feasible, since that could encroach on areas planned for sale to private users. That's why a new spot was allocated for construction of a cemetery to be used by all the confessions, among which on June 19, 1902, an Orthodox (New) cemetery was opened. Later, they named it "Holy Dormition", since the local church in 1908 was consecrated under the name of the Holy Dormition of the Mother of God.

Until 1920, the Holy Dormition Cemetery lacked a fence (there was only a small rundown ditch) and even after the construction of paved pathways between the tombs, it still gave a sad impression, just like the church itself, which increasingly got dilapidated due to the fact that during winter it was heated only once a week - on Saturdays, when the services were held.

There wasn't even a regular cleric at the cemetery since no place could be found for him to live.

Archpriest I.
Cheremuhin, rector

In 1920, a construction of a proper fence and living quarters was started, and an energy network was brought to the renovated cemetery. In 1923, a complete internal overhaul of the church had started and also frescoes were painted on its dome and the walls. At that time, a regular priest was appointed to the church together with a watchman, and thus the cemetery acquired the look which it has till now, with the exception, of course, of its population, which with the passing of time has increased a lot.

According to some rough estimates, this "city of the dead" contains more than 3000 deceased. In the previous year of 1930, 1371 persons were buried there, and that year wasn't a record one in this regard.

The Holy Dormition Church is adjoined to the Cathedral Church.

The first regular priest of the Holy Dormition Church was Archimandrite Iuvenaly, followed by the now reposed priest I. Vinogradov, and then by Archpriest M. Andreev, while at present the priest of this church as well as caretaker of the cemetery is Fr. Ioann Cheremuhin.