Русский | January 20, 2008
Tatyana Manakova

The Feast of the Lord's Baptism celebrated in Beijing

English Translation by Nina Tkachuk Dimas

Divine Services marking the Eve of the Lordís Baptism and of Theophany were conducted by Priest Alexy Kiselevich in the Red Fangzi on the territory of the Russian Federation's Embassy to China .

For the second year in a row, a hole was cut in the ice of the central pond of the Russian Embassy (Jordan). This time a tent was set up for the convenience of changing clothes; little rugs lined the path (to the hole); a ladder was set up in the water; a rescue team was available for any bathers needing it. At midnight a large support group accompanied those wishing to bathe in the water. With prayers and the singing of the festal troparion more than ten people, including women and small child, plunged into the cold water.

During the Baptismal night, Beijing's air temperature dropped to seven degrees below (Celsius). Interestingly, on Theophany Eve snow fell in Beijing, which is unusual weather for the area. The white cover made the earth resemble our dear Russian lands, a real present for our countrymen.

On January 19th, the Orthodox of Beijing attended the Great Blessing of Water. Russians living in other Chinese cities came for the festivities. After the service holy water was distributed to all the faithful.

On this day after the Liturgy, the baptism of a child from a Russian family took place. One more Orthodox on Chinese soil.

Dormition Parish in Beijing Photos — Yuri Rogoza