Српски | Русский | Little Missionary, 1934 — 1938, pp 33-40
English translation by Igor Radev

Saint Nikolai Velimirovich

The Chinese Orthodox Brotherhood In Shanghai

This Brotherhood consists of many members, both Chinese and Russians. Under the wise leadership of its Hierarch, His Eminence Vladika John, the Brotherhood is quite successful.

We are going to mention now the names of several Chinese members and their professions, so the readers of "Little Missionary" could see who are the people embracing Orthodoxy in China, and also to keep their names in prayers: Nicholas Li, a priest; Andrew Yu, lawyer; Elias Chang, lawyer; Elias Wen, priest; Peter Chang, customs officer; Dr Victor Qian, physician; Meletius Xi, merchant; Ambrosius Yu, diplomat, Ivan Luo, translator; Toka Ma, teacher of foreign languages.